In this fourth part, it is another where the difference between a normal business is shown, but as I usually say, the fact that I skip some of the steps that I follow during the process.

It turns my process into a process with cracks, therefore if you are reading this part I recommend that you understand well because in this part the CLUBMAKER and the clubfitter they are used together and with this you do not want it to always be so.

Therefore, I recommend that you first read the first part of the series of articles:

Once you understand why my fitting process is based on my knowledge and experiences of the last 15 years, you should continue reading the second article in what we at HCC call the HCC Xperience.

Therefore the experienced fitter part is the one that stands out in the 2nd part.

It is an art that I find exciting since I don't know if you know but when I do fitting the process is always the same but depending on the person my behavior and psychological adaptation is different since for me it is essential that they live a unique experience.

The pure and hard clubmaker part, where over the years it was my strong point and now if I have to evaluate myself in the 100%, in the past it was a 30% clubfitter and a 70% clubmaker but where I have worked hard during these last 5 years is in being a clubfitter efficient and have a clear philosophy about my players.

So now I would say that my level is currently at 45% clubfitter and 55% clubmaker.

That tells me that I have to continue training, so that it is as complete as possible and that is what I demand of myself.

To enjoy the clubmaker phase, you honestly have to read part 3 of my series. I think it is a complete article and very easy to understand.

In this last part I want you to be able to appreciate the difference at the end of the process. what I call the triple check.

you will wonder, and where were the two previous revisions?

The first review of Lie and Loft I do it when I weigh the heads.

Since I place a rod in each head and I already leave the heads placed as standard with the lie and loft that the brand sets in its recommended parameters.

The second check I do it before assembling the grips, on the clubs since it is a simple check and adjustment of lie or loft if necessary.

The finish of the ferrules is the hallmark of HCC

After that last adjustment, we check that the clubs, once the epoxy and the ferrules are finished, we measure the frequency of each rod.

Seeing that between each rod we always have the corresponding frequency, having the cycles and the flex within the hardness scale that we are looking for.


Once that is ready we put the grips, watching the uniformity of the process, the necessary tape and looking to change the swing weight of the club, since if we had it calculated for a grip weight, the change of weight at the end in my case It would make me undo the entire set of clubs and put it back together.

To know the importance of the Swing Weight, it is better to read this article that was published a few days ago

Once everything is as designed on paper, the set of clubs is finished and then come the photos that we often publish on Instagram.


Honestly, the set is finished but as I like to see, there is still the cotton test and what is the last adjustment.

We do this at the moment the player picks up the clubs and what we do is try all the Lies and then check with the Trackman with the ball that we use in Golf Son Gual, Wilson Staff Premium Practice, that the numbers are such as those the fitting came out.

There are times when I have to make a lie adjustment in situ so that the club at the moment of maximum compression works with the ball speed and smash factor for which we have designed that club.

Once everything is as planned in the fitting, both the player and I, the process ends.


But always after a month of working together I organize a Trackman session with the player to see if everything remains the same, or if we have to make some subtle adjustments to maintain the high performance of the material.

At this point the player has practically mastered the clubs, and as a consequence I can get feedback which is one of the greatest sources of learning I can get.

I hope you enjoyed our process but if you really want to enjoy it on site you just have to do a very simple thing.

Thank you for reading and the hours invested in the explanatory process.

It is not easy to look at your process from the inside out and, on top of that, teach some of the virtues of why Fitting and the manufacture of HCC is the greatest experience in golf that can currently be had in Spain.

Miki Rapado, CEO and Founder of Handmade Custom Clubs

Go to our website and select the type of HCC Fitting Xperience you want to live and contract it, then the whole process will be a unique Xperience.

© Miki Rapado ®, 2020

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