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Common Questions and Doubts about a Golf Fitting

Why is it advisable to get a Fitting?

The fitting is designed so that the golf club adjusts as much as possible to the qualities of the player. Since no two players are the same, with the same speeds and swing tempo, we consider that, therefore, between two players we do not find it appropriate for them to play the same set of clubs.

An incorrect club length can cause a disturbance in the swing and therefore a failure, a grip of inadequate size can cause a loss or excess of mobility in the wrist and causing lack of control at the moment of impact.

A shaft that is too heavy or too light can cause a totally uncontrolled movement of the body itself. And if it is too hard it will cause us to lose distance.

At HCC, our team of professionals cares about pampering even the smallest part for a complete fit.

What is a Fitting session about?

In the sessions where we look at the clubs, at HCC we have the most current models of the OEM's and the heads of the specific fitting brands and of a much higher quality and we test them with more than 200 types of shafts of which we we have in our studio, to be able to make the desired club for the client, making them feel very comfortable and obtaining the desired distance and precision.

For this we work with the Flightscope Xi Tour system and with the BodiTrack pressure mat to be able to understand all the parameters and have maximum precision in the material.

In putters, in addition to carrying out a complete study of the posture, we examine all the types of necks available, looking for the one that best suits the player's way of hitting, and finally we look for the most suitable grip that makes the player have the least tension. possible when gripping the handle.

Am I qualified to be able to have personalized and tailored clubs?

Of course, you just need to have a repetitive enough swing and have the passion to improve your game and your putter.

The biggest mistake that the amateur player makes is to wait until he is good enough to make custom clubs for himself. What the amateur player does not know is that having clubs made especially for him will improve his game and avoid injuries from playing inappropriate material.

Most players who have enjoyed the HCC fitting experience have improved their game significantly.

Where can I get a Fitting?

Our clubfitter and our master clubmaker are at your disposal every day in the HCC Workshop and Studio at the Son Gual Golf Course.

But in order to serve you as you deserve and over time exclusively for you, contact info@handmadecustomclubs.com by email, or by phone +34606613401 to organize your appointment and enjoy the experience.

How long can it take me to do a Fitting?

The time will really fluctuate between 1 and 3 hours depending on the clubs that we have to adjust. For that, contact us and depending on the job we will reserve the relevant time on the day and time that you prefer. The day you come you can come a few minutes earlier and we will give you balls so you can warm up properly.

Will the new clubs I will radically improve my game?

Honestly not at the moment, but keep in mind that the club is made and manufactured just for you, and that you will see improvement in a few days, above all you will gain consistency when hitting, your dispersion will be much smaller, the effort that you will make will be directly related to the shaft and configuration that we will mount and therefore the result will be much better, and this will be reflected in a better result at the end of the round.

To really see the best result you will need at least 3-4 weeks which is the time when you fully adapt to the clubs.

Are custom clubs more expensive than store clubs?

It does NOT cost more to have custom clubs, at HCC we adjust to your budget and we recommend that you make them, since saving money on the wrong clubs is more painful because later they will have to be adjusted and reinvest money in those clubs you bought to leave them as they should have been done. We have material for men, women and junior.

Can the brands that you have be the most suitable for all types of players?

All the clubs that we have at HCC are suitable for all players according to their physical and technical level, both for men, women and children. Having a great variety of shafts, types of heads and their sizes.

Does HCC build the clubs personally?

Yes, we have some of the most well-known and internationally valued clubmakers, which is a guarantee of having the clubs assembled with the best quality finishes and construction. Having a clubmaker considered by the professionals to be the best professional in Europe is in itself a guarantee.

We, with all our brands, manufacture the clubs from scratch, which allows us to customize and adapt all the parameters to what the player needs.

Where is the best place to do a Fitting?

We think that the conditions we have at Golf Son Gual are ideal for working, since in addition to numerically analyzing the flight of the ball, the player can see the ball fly and feel the sensation of each shot, unlike what happens indoors where everything depends on the virtual world and hitting balls in a cage against a net, it is also more difficult to have a fitting with guarantees.

And with the fitting of the putt it's the same as you can roll the ball with the putter on real grass with optimum speed and green quality.

Should I come with my clubs to the Fitting?

Of course, since your clubs will give us the reference of where you are now and the problems you have with them, and we will worry about solving it and reaching your objectives, so you will see the difference between the old technology and the new.

I just bought some new clubs, can they be adjusted?

It depends on the type of brand and shaft, since some models can be modified and others cannot. That is why we work with 100% adjustable shafts with different tolerances.

The ideal time to do this is before making the purchase, so we tell you the problem you encounter if you buy the wrong ones. Before the purchase, if the fitting is more or less adequate, the adjustments can be made, but for example if the flex of the shaft is incorrect, that can suppose a cost that perhaps the most appropriate way is to make a new and personalized material .

In order to make the decision at HCC we work with you to see if your new clubs are suitable or not, and we look to adjust where possible.

Can it be adapted to tall and short players?

Of course, our system is designed for all types of heights, as well as having more appropriate head models for tall and short players to have more appropriate swingweights. Likewise, if you have any doubts, contact us at info@handmadecustomclubs.com and we will clarify your doubts.

Will you have X-Stiff shafts in stock?

Yes. We work with players who play European Tour, Challenge Tour, Alps Tour, Ladies European Tour and LETS, for which the range of Xstiff shafts that we have is wide, but if you want to try one in particular, ask us and we will look to get that shaft. Since our idea is that you can try everything you want to make your club the best it can be.

Miki is our clubmaker with recognition at the Spanish level and a great track record at the European level. Recognized with numerous awards.

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