I have decided to write an article about something that many people ask me.

Does an amateur golfer really find a difference between a custom made club and a club assembled for retail sale in stores?

I want to start by answering that question, saying that, YES.

There is a lot of difference, since the club made to measure for the player only has one purpose, maximizing the player's performance not on good days, but on days where the player feels that his golf is not working. it flows.

But so that you can understand what the job of the clubmaker is, first I want you to know what a clubmaker is .

The CLUBMAKER is the person in charge of building the golf equipment adjusted to:


Head material.



Swing weights

Club length.

Grip Size.

And with the type of assembly that will result in a club appropriate to the physical-technical conditions of the player.

All this is done following the instructions of a professional CLUBFITTER.

But what is a CLUBFITTER??

He is a professional who, according to the personal interview he conducts with the player and prior to the dynamic study of his swing, in addition to seeing the correlation of his data and his sensations, makes the most appropriate material for the player.

And that this allows you to maximize the performance of your material in the face of technical failures.

This is achieved by knowing as much as possible all the material on the market as well as the influence that any change made to the material will have on the golf club and the influence it will have on the player.

From my point of view, the difference between a clubmaker and a clubfitter is quite clear.

But by way of summary and closer comparison we will say that the clubfitter is the designer of the set of clubs or specific club and the clubmaker is the manufacturer that follows the pattern that the designer gives.

Now I am going to explain what is the biggest differential factor of Handmade Custom Clubs and Miki Rapado.

The first thing is PASSION.

I am passionate about the ideal fit of a club, and that is why I train tirelessly every day.

I follow a continuous learning process, where I am familiar with all the shaft materials and compounds, as well as balance points, torque, frequencies of more than 300 market shaft models.

In addition to how the influence it has on the club will be and the different adjustments that can be made in the golf clubs.

To this we must add that I also know all the head materials that exist in the market and I select for my clients the most appropriate to their physical-technical qualities.

I think it is something that you may not believe but that is why many say that I am a GEEK, and yes, I am and I am proud of it, if with it I get the achievements of the players who trust me.

You have to keep something in mind that you may not have fallen yet.

At HCC we can manufacture the club exactly as it is set in the fitting, since I am the same person who makes it.

I am a professional Clubmaker and Clubfitter.

Therefore, the information is not lost along the way, therefore, the club does not lose any type of performance to the fitting, since it is an exact copy in specifications, length, grip, frequency, swing weight and MOI.

I think it is one of the differential arguments of Handmade Custom Clubs.

But let's also talk about the world of professional golf players.

Why professional players, more and more are opting for having a clubmaker and clubfitter of trust?

It's something simple, they want to play golf and earn money, since it's their job.

And they want a person they trust, someone who can solve their doubts and assemble the material the way they like it.

There is another part that the professional players I work with have a difference from the rest, we create a clubmaker-player relationship.

Where they fully trust my suggestions and with this they transfer to me the responsibility for their results, at the same time I participate.

Do you think that an amateur player of any handicap level can also follow the same process?

Just think that this is how I see it, I believe that a player should spend X money on a material that he likes, without knowing if it is appropriate or not.


What if you can have the material that you still like, but perfectly adjusted to your physical and technical conditions?

This has a result directly proportional to the performance of the player, which is a handicap that will always improve since the material will allow him to have the skills according to his technique.

Many people have in mind when buying material the price.

But what they don't think is what I believe.

Will I get performance?

In moments of tension, will you be able to get 100% out of that club?

Will you be able to play it in harsh conditions of temperature and physical fatigue?

Sincerely in 95% of cases the players make a mistake and buy the material without take into account these things that I have in mind.

With that, what do I want to tell you?

That you can improve a lot in your golf and in your enjoyment if you let yourself be advised by people who really know how to do it and think of you.

But how much more expensive is a club made to fit me?

The truth is that we are wrong that custom golf clubs are expensive.

The clubfitters in their personal interview always have a question which is the budget that the player has and normally, apart from exceptional cases, he always adjusts to his budget.

With this I want you to feel more confident that the work I do for you only has one purpose for me:



© Miki Rapado ®, 2020

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