Custom Golf Clubs

Why do you need custom golf clubs when you have Higher Handicap?

To improve. Because, contrary to what many people think, the club is made to the player and not the player to the club.

A custom golf club will help the low handicap player to be more consistent, to have higher precision.

And if you're willing to improve your shots, I'm sure you'll want to read what I'm going to tell you next.

Recognition of Miki Rapado as clubmaker of the year in 2016
Recognition to Handmade Custom Clubs in 2020 for being the highest rated clubmaker.

The new Golf Experience

Custom Golf Clubs to Improve your Handicap

At HCC we are clubfitters and clubmakers. Our goal is to take your golf to the next level.

First of all, you need to understand two concepts: clubfitter and clubmaker.

Clubfitter is the person in charge of finding the appropriate configuration for each player taking into account the handicap, swing style, common technical failures, hitting style, desired height, injuries, etc. Setting a unique set up on the player; your DNA.

Clubmaker is the person who receives the fitting data with the technical specifications of the clubfitter and manufactures an exact copy of the club that the clubfitter has recommended to the player. In addition to making the club to the player's taste in finishes and grips.

A good clubfitter-clubmaker makes a difference and allows the beginning player to grow and improve in a fast and intelligent way.

One of the big names today is Miki Rapado, a passionate professional of the irons with a deep knowledge of the practice of golf, as well as its swings, movements and postures. Able to portray a player watching him make a couple of shots.

With a wide variety of putters, shafts and irons.

Our Shop and Workshop

Paying attention to details is what allows improvement. This applies to any sport and even in our day to day.

A genius once said that you cannot expect different results if you are always doing the same thing, repeating the same vices, recreating the same mistakes.

At Handmade Custom Clubs we make custom golf clubs to fit your swing.

For this reason in our online store We have the widest variety of options so you can make your golf club completely tailored and with the best brands.

We have the most important names in the sector, with a wide variety of models.

For example, just counting the shafts, you have a total of up to 195 different models to choose from.

Although we still recommend contacting us for a fitting, that way we can maximize your qualities as a player with the golf club that best suits your characteristics.

Just as a soccer player will not play as well in a soccer shoe that is larger or smaller than his own, the same will happen with players with different swing speeds (there are not two players with the same speed and swing tempo).

In the same way, an inadequate grip can cause you to lose mobility in the wrist and hit uncontrollably.

Or a shaft that is too heavy or light can throw your body out of balance. and result in a bad hit.

Do you need custom golf clubs? Contact us.
Learn how to make a custom golf club

Am I qualified to have custom golf clubs?

Do not even doubt it. Many times the mistake amateur players make is waiting until they want to be good enough for custom clubs.

As I said at the beginning, the improvement in the player will accelerate with the acquisition of custom golf clubs.

In addition to improving your handicap, you will avoid injuries (especially to the wrist) as a result of unnecessary stress.

The players who to this day have gone through the "clubs" of Miki Rapado, significantly improved their game after having found the best set of clubs for them.

Miki is one of those passionate geniuses who long ago surpassed those 10,000 hours of work, being one of the best experts in the world..

In our fitting, and under the watchful eye of Miki Rapado, you will try more than 200 different types of shafts, with state-of-the-art systems such as the BodiTrack, Trackman and SamPuttLab pressure mat. Analyzing the position with the putters and looking for the grip that returns the least tension to the player's wrist.

Regardless of your height or your handicap. Our clubfitter will give you the necessary tools so that you can improve your hitting and grow as a player.

Start improving your Golf with us

Fitting with Miki Rapado

In a session that will last from 1 to 3 hours, our specialist will know how to adjust your characteristics as a player to the shaft, putter, grip and iron specifications.

For this it is necessary that you take your set of golf clubs with which you usually play, so you can identify what tendencies and vices you have in your shots and manufacture the ideal club.

A club that will be manufactured from scratch, based on the best brands and adapted to the parameters that you need as a player.

More than 20 years of experience

And with the security of having one of the best clubmakers in the world.

We work at a scientific level to improve your handicap, studying biomechanics, working with pressure, angle and force systems. We are sure to find the ideal combination to improve your hitting.

Counting on the best golf brands, among them the Envroll Putters, considered the best brand of putters in the world and of which we are official (and exclusive) distributors in Spain.

The diversity of the material available in our custom golf club shop is what makes a good clubfitter-clubmaker offer the improvement that the player is looking for. Buy custom golf clubs at our online store, even without going through our fitting, will allow you to choose from a wide range of brands and models.

And remember, if you want to improve your strokes and lower your handicap, Miki Rapado is your driver and HandmadeCustomClubs your swing.

Miki is our clubmaker with recognition at the Spanish level and a great track record at the European level. Recognized with numerous awards.

Let's improve your Golf

Let's configure the Perfect Club

Want to start taking the next step in your game? Enjoy the Handmade Custom Clubs experience through a face-to-face or online fitting with us. Book the option that best suits what you need and let's get started.

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