Don't know how to choose the best putter for your game? Do you have doubts about which putter to choose, what length you need, which head is the most suitable...? Don't worry! In this article I am going to tell you all the keys that you have to take into account and some tips so that you can play the putter that best suits your game.

What should we take into account when choosing a putter?

A putter is a special club in each player's bag. That is why there are so many models and so many brands that design what I call the Holy Grail, that is to say, that model that allows the player to be able to make 18 putts in 18 holes. That is why a large part of the brands invest a lot in the development of the material and design shapes, weights, necks, types of balances in the toe of the putter, types of grips, shaft models and patents in face milling designs in order to facilitate contact and forgiveness of failure.

In addition to understanding the parameters that facilitate the work of being able to recommend a correct putter to each player. These parameters are very varied, which I proceed to enumerate. The angle of attack, the static loft, the dynamic loft, the flight time of the post impact ball, the spin of the ball, the deloft, the cadence, the rhythm, the oscillation movement of the wrists, among other parameters.

That is why the putter is a special club and we cannot go into a store and buy it because we like it, there are many more things to take into account whether we like the putter or not.

Putter Parts

Every putter has very easily defined parts:


putter head It is of very varied designs and with very different types of heads, with the aim of making the player's eyes what obtain the correct alignment.


The different neck angle designs that can be found clearly define how the head will move during the up and down movement (backswing and downswing), making it directly related to the personal execution of each player.


Currently the market is very rich in varieties of shafts but it is still traditional to find putters with steel shafts. Although now there are carbon, graphite, surmountable shafts, shafts with steel and graphite inserts, among other options.


There are a large number of designs and models, the objective in addition to making the player feel comfortable is the grip, it is a very important part, since it is the part that is in contact with the player's hands and the protagonist in which the execution of the movement and in the consolidation of the movement of the hands.

face insert 

The type of insert has an impact on the sound of the putter in contact with the ball and then, above all, on the type of speed with which the ball leaves the face of the club. We find inserts made of steel, forged steel or elastomer.

Types of putter heads

There are three main types of putter head design: blade, peripheral-weighted, and mallet.

Blade Head Putters

The blade head putters they are traditionally suited to players with straight shots. They tend to favor hard, fast greens and require a more delicate touch.

Peripheral-weighted head putters

Peripheral-weighted (or heel-to-toe-weighted) putters are the natural evolution of blade putters. Although still delicate to use, they are longer and thinner than the blade at address and have additional weight in the heel and toe for greater forgiveness.

Mallet Head Putters

The Mallet head putters They are the most forgiving, as their deep head design gives them a lower, deeper center of gravity for better performance on off-center hits. They also employ various alignment aids and head shapes.

Despite all the designs, and their variety, each one follows the rules of the R&A and the USGA.

What metrics should we analyze when choosing a putter?

The most important parameters when analyzing the putter are the following parameters: 

face aim

It is the placement of the face of the putter in the stance, that is, knowing the tendency of how each person points on a regular basis.

face impact

They are the grades obtained at the time of impacting the ball at the moment of impact prior to the departure of the ball.

Ball direction

It is determined by the way the ball rolls upon contact with the clubface.

Impact Shot

It is the graphic representation of the exact point where the player hits the ball as a trend.

path direction

It is what is considered the direction in which the ball leaves with respect to the target, defined by degrees.

Face Rotation

In the graphical representation of the degrees of the clubface during the movement of backswing (up), downswing (down) and follow thru (post impact)


They are the degrees with which the face of the club enters at the moment of impact and what this gives us is the loft with which the ball leaves at the moment of impact.

What size putter is best for your game?

The appropriate measure is one in which the person is able to have their eyes on the ball and that the position of the shoulders in the stance (initial position) allows you to be able to move your shoulders freely without the back suffering during practice pronounced. Too much crouching in the posture is bad for the spine, on the other hand, an excessively high posture is also bad, since it will nullify much of the effect of a movement of the shoulders. 

That is why the length of the putter is a very important variable to work on when fitting.

Which putter grip is best for you?

The grip is a very important part when it comes to closing the circle when making a custom putter, since we find the grips in many materials and sizes, which only have the objective that the player does not suffer excess of tension in the forearms and that the hands can be locked so that the movement is as pendulous as possible. 

How to choose the best putter?

The best way is to have a clear idea of what the predominant movement of the putter looks like that makes you feel confident and then the putter allows you to have proper alignment and a putter face that allows you to have forgiveness on off-center shots and retain your swing. same MOI (moment of inertia) as when we make a correct impact. In conclusion, we recommend that you get a putter fitting. 

We recommend reading the article about the best putter brands.

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