Do you want to know which brands of golf putters are going to be a trend this year 2023? We explain it to you! Here we leave you the top 10 for this year and what you have to take into account with each of the brands.

Top 10 putter brands this 2023

2023 is a year full of novelties and the truth is that there are a few that I want to talk about, first of all I want to tell you about the 10 best brands of putters on the market, I am going to give them to you according to our point of view and our recommendations. from 2022, together with the criteria of the evolutions of the 2023 models, these brands are: 

  1. Odyssey Golf (Tri Hot Series)
  2. Evnroll (V Series and the EV2 Series Range)
  3. PXG Golf (Battle Ready Range)
  4. Scotty Cameron (Studio Super Select)
  5. King Cobra 3D 
  6. TaylorMade Golf (Spider GTX and GT Max Range)
  7. Mizuno (Mizuno M Craft Series)
  8. SIK Putters
  9. Piretti (303 Midnight Range)
  10. MLA putters

Of all these brands we are going to try to explain the technology and the news of the two brands that I think are going to be a Best Seller in Spain according to our criteria:

Odyssey Golf 

Odyssey Golf putters have always been very popular in the market, but in our view the TRI-HOT 5K Range has all the best that Odyssey can put in a putter in addition to the technology and materials that we are going to tell you about right now. comment. Just say before talking about the technology that it is the premium range of Odyssey, since Odyssey has Toulon, but it is a brand from a very prestigious putter designer with very exclusive designs. 

With the Tri-Hot 5K range, Odyssey's goal is high performance, since what they are doing is moving the position of the Center of Gravity (CG) forward, taking advantage of new materials and shapes never used before in a putter. such as stainless steel, tungsten and aircraft-grade 6061 aluminum, which have been carefully crafted. 

With these new materials, what has increased is the inertia of the head and the CG has been advanced. As a result it has greater forgiveness at impact and high performance. Putting a lot of tungsten in the putter drives the inertia towards about 5000 IZZ. 

It is a range that is around €449 in price but on our website it will be placed in the €399 segment

Evnroll Putters

Evnroll is one of the most innovative manufacturers on the market with patents that other manufacturers try to copy in order to make their putters match the performance of Evnroll putters. they call it Sweet Face Technology, that is to say that its contact with the ball is smooth despite being forged steel heads. 

In 2023, the manufacturer, in addition to its grooved face, has made an impressive leap in quality that allows for total customization of the putter, they have introduced a fitting system where each head can be worked with 6 different types of necks, which, for each head It gives you a different tip balance and with the 3 different grip models that the manufacturer has, we can also work and retouch the balance of the head according to the dominance of the player's eye and the type of movement of the putter technique.

Why should you care? First of all, all new putters should be welcomed and explored. In this case, they have the features we expect to see in Evnroll putters. These new models feature the neck versatility of current Evnroll V-Series putters, as well as Envroll's highly praised Sweet Face technology.

Not familiar with such versatility and Sweet Face technologies? Let's take a moment to go over some of the key features of V-Series putters and Evnroll in general.

Evnroll presented the V series of putters in 2021 . The key difference to their Classic series of putters was the inclusion of a modular and interchangeable hosel. The versatility of the hosel allowed golfers to choose the hosel that suits their type of putting movement. If you need more arch, a short slant hosel is selected. Less arc? Take a look at a long plumber hosel. Not sure of the trajectory of your movement? The chart above can also indicate the correct neck direction.

Ultimately, the characteristics of your putting stroke and your putting tendencies will allow you to make the right hosel decision. That was the great thing about the V Series. You had multiple necks to choose from. This would not have been possible with the permanently attached hosels of the Classic designs, which have made Evnroll so popular in the world and in Spain it has grown exponentially every year.

In 2023 Evnroll has given a further twist to the design of the putters, in addition to adjustable necks for the player, in what it has innovated this time has been the ability to adjust the weight of each putter, being able to play with the center of gravity of each putter, these weights are placed directly on the sole and allow a perfect fit for all levels of players. Other putter manufacturers have included this option for a while, but this is a first for Evnroll, but why now? The answer is the search for total adjustment.

The crowd-pleasing EV2 has two weights, just like the redesigned EV8. Like all removable weight systems, this allows the putter designer to add weight in very specific places. Changing the position of the weight can influence both the moment of inertia (MOI) and the center of gravity (CG) values.

Best Putter Brand if you are a beginner

Many times, when choosing the best putter for your golfPlayers tend to buy a second-hand putter that helps them learn and spend little money, but... did you know that the movement of the putter is quite innate and simple? What that leads to is that the way the putter is going to move over time is going to be more refined and controlled but the way you move it back on the backswing isn't going to change much. But that, in our place, we recommend that they buy a putter designed for them and that the investment price be set by the amount they want to spend, but think that it is better to spend a little more if the club will accompany you for many years, because it is a suit that is not changed frequently. Fortunately, the putter market is found in a price range of high-quality putters in amounts from around €199 to around €489 in the different brands that coexist in the market.

Get the Putt you need with us

The putter, as I have commented to you on many occasions during these articles that I have written to you, such as the one that deals with the golf putter head, which, I recommend that you read, is a club that is widely used during the 18 holes on the course and therefore for me it is as important as having a driver that is well adjusted to our characteristics.

This means that we must take into account that we must assess things that we must know when buying a putter, I detail them below.

  • Make a professional fitting
  • Select the type of head that gives more performance
  • Select the type of face that helps the most against off-center hits
  • Choose the type of neck that helps you position yourself in the stance with the dominant eye correctly and that your hands are in a neutral point.
  • Select the head weight and toe balance that is appropriate for the movement.
  • Get a grip that helps you execute the movement cleanly by isolating the hands and concentrating on the movement of the shoulders.

For this, the best thing you can do is visit us at our facilities to carry out the process step by step and bring you the putter that gives you glory. And we can also advise you online, speaking with one of our specialists, face to face.

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