Don't know which putter head to opt for? Do you have doubts when choosing the right one for your golf? Don't worry! In this article we explain everything you need to know and know about the golf putter head so that you are clear about the best head for your game.

Types of Putter Heads in Golf

In this section I am going to explain the types of putter heads that you can find on the market and all the brands have a portfolio of putters with the three heads that I will describe below.

Blade Head Putter

The blade head putter It is the oldest and most traditional. Using a relatively small head, its classic design was immensely popular in golf from the 1900s to the 1990s and is still used by golfers today (Tiger Woods has played a popular brand of putter blade on the PGA Tour and with it, has won 82 PGA Tour tournaments).

The simple, flat look was easy to produce in the early days of golf club production, and the smooth stroke a blade produced was pleasing on many types of greens. 

Traditionally suited to harder, faster greens that require a more delicate touch, blade putters tend to have a balanced face and up to a 60º toe balance, which means they will suit a player with a straight putting stroke and with slight curvature in the backswing.

Peripheral-Weighted Putter Head

The peripheral weighted or toe and heel weighted putter was the natural evolution of the Blade putter. Long and lean at the address, the design could still be smooth and delicate, but with additional weight on both heel and toe, adding more consistency and forgiveness.

Made famous by Ping Anser's 1966 design, this shape of putter revolutionized the game and is still used by many of the world's best golfers.

Traditionally balanced toe, the length and design of the hosel means it can be modified to suit almost any type of swing.

Mallea putter head

Just as the large heads in the driver design made tee shots more consistent and forgiving, The mallet-shaped putter offers the same benefits on the green. With more size to play, manufacturers often employ various shapes and alignment aids on the back of the head to help players better align themselves with putts.

The large head design of the putter allows manufacturers to have a lower and deeper center of gravity, as well as increasing the moment of inertia (MOI), which reduces spin and improves performance on off-center putts. Therefore, mallet putters are often face-balanced and suitable for straight shots.

Aspects to consider when choosing the head of the putter in Golf

At the time of choosing the best putter for your golf There are many aspects that we must take into account, but the clearest when selecting a putter model that is suitable for each player and that adapts to him in many aspects are:


The player level is something that greatly determines the choice, since if the level is beginner, what we should look for is a putter that allows the player to make a small miss without touching the ball in the center of the putter face. that improves the experience with the putter during the round.

Vision and sensation of the player

This aspect is very simple, it is none other than that the player, despite having to play a type of head, likes the model he is going to play and it will help give him more performance since it will help him in the design and the player will be convinced that it is the model that you like that will give you the best result.

Movement type

The natural movement of the putter greatly determines the type of putter to play and if the putter helps the player to execute the most appropriate movement mechanics, that is why our job will be to carry out the analysis in the fitting.

But in addition to the three that we have detailed, there are other aspects for choosing an appropriate putter:

  • Loft and lie.
  • Color.
  • Neck type.
  • putter weight
  • Grip type and size.

Most Recommended Putter Head Brands

The top putter brands that we can find in the market and that we are going to find in our store, are: 


Odyssey is a manufacturer of the most popular on the market and over the years it has evolved in designs of different qualities (White Hot OG, Versa, Tri-Hot, etc.), alignment options (Versa), type of faces (Toulon, more metallic side).

It is a manufacturer that has blade models, perimeter weight model and Mallets. In addition to this, it also has the option of having different head weights and types of grips that make it possible to always find a model that adapts to the player's tendencies.


It is a brand with a technology that although some manufacturer tries to copy the models, and the patent it has, it is very difficult to obtain. Evnroll during the last 5 years has always had many of its most emblematic models in the bags of the players and players of the different tours that do not have a contract. In addition to this, their models have received multiple awards for MygolfSpy Most Wanted Putter Mallet and Blade. 

Models of putters designed by the weights for medium and fast greens, but the particularity due to the patent that you have is that the ball always rolls the same and that the roll will always be the same. It is a brand that we recommend to players of all levels and although its face has forgiveness against extreme off-center hits.


It is a manufacturer that has always stood out for designing and having the best drivers and woods on the market. But their putters are very played in their mallet version by many players and also many players of the brand have won tournaments with the TaylorMade Spider or Spider X. In 2023 they surprise with the new Spider GT MAX putter model with very adjustable sole and with This can position the HQ at the optimum point for each player.

We help you choose the best putter for your game

The putter is the most used club in the bag during a round of 18 holes and it is a club that the vast majority of players buy because they like the design and they do not have any type of fitting but a fitting of putting is essential to reduce the blows on the round and we make you the best putting fitting that can be done in Spain, and if you want to improve, you know what you have to do. 


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