Do you want to know which is the best wedge in Golf? In this article we tell you.

Is there the Best Wedge in Golf?

It is a great question, I can tell you that it does exist, and that is the one that best suits the personal tastes of the player, that generates confidence, that allows the 100% to develop skill and creativity, therefore, for this you must to advise you by highly qualified specialists.

Top 3 best wedges

In this section I am going to give you my humble opinion and point of view about the wedge types I like them the most depending on the brand and model and I prefer them since they are very versatile and the players play more, and as a clubfitter I usually recommend more.

Titleist Vokey SM9

In a wedge designed by Bob Vokey, one of the most famous wedge designers in the golf industry, I love every time I go to the PGA Show in Orlando, when I can share impressions and learn a lot. The Vokey are wedges with a sweet touch with a wide variety of Bounces and Grinds, as well as finishes and types of materials. 

For me one of the preferred wedges when recommending them. In addition, at HCC we allow ourselves to be able to mount them with hundreds of shaft options, derived from irons and specific shafts for wedges.

TaylorMade Milled Grind 3

TaylorMade always surprises in the application of technology and in the development of bounces. The feel of the wedges is a little harder than the Titleist ones, also generated by the application of the RAW finish to the face which allows the groove to work more and generate additional braking. This, together with the finish, we find that it is a highly wear-resistant wedge.

You can find it with a chrome or black finish. And as with the wedges that we assemble at HCC, we can customize everything on them, even being able to stamp and color the finishes, in terms of the ferrule, the letters on the face, text selected by the player, etc.

Callaway JAWS wedge

It is a wedge model that I like and if the player wants a wedge with an extremely soft touch it is great, because the touch is sublime, but as against I will tell you that the material does not last long and the sole wears out quickly if you are a player who He plays a lot and spends many hours in the approach zone.

At HCC we create the best wedge for your Golf

If you liked the selection of chamber wedges we have and you think we can help you with it, it's very easy, you just have to contact us and we can do an online or offline fitting and we can always do it to your liking.

if you need a custom wedgeAt Handmade Custom Clubs we are specialists in Custom Golf Clubs, creating the perfect club for your game.

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