Do you want to know what types of wedges exist in golf and how to choose the right one? In this article we tell you in detail.

What is a wedge?

Wedges are the series of clubs that a golf player will have in his bag and that have a clear objective of making precision shots at distances that usually range from 130 yards to the flag. Where, in addition to being able to make distances with a full swing, many players, according to their level, make different distances with each of the wedges in the bag, being able to play those distances and obtaining a very specific type of brake according to the size of the swing. 

It is sought with them that the trajectory of the ball rises quickly and then stops with the same rapidity, but also according to the player's ability, different trajectories and ball effects are obtained than with the rest of the clubs in the bag. it will be quite difficult to do, although not impossible (depending on the player's level, hands and technique). 

Wedges are irons and many golfers think of them as a special part of their bag and really just an extension of their iron set setup. 

The importance of having a wedge adapted to your swing

In 1930 and until the last decade of the 20th century, the vast majority of players carried 2 wedges in their bags, but over the years this trend has changed since the vast majority of manufacturers in the industry in order to Getting more distance has made clubs with tighter lofts (strong) and this has changed the tendency to carry 3 wedges instead of 2 wedges in players' bags.

As I mentioned in the last paragraph of the previous section, the wedges must have a direct relationship with the player's clubs and that means that the wedges must have a configuration, length, lie, shaft and swingweight directly related to the irons, in order to that the player does not change his feeling and the complete game is just as versatile.

In HCC everything that is manufactured is under the guidelines requested by each player and therefore, in this way the player will be able to obtain an optimal spin, a flight appropriate to the abilities and equivalent to that of the irons, greater ability to maneuver the trajectory of the blows . 

On a topic that I like to talk about is the Grind of the wedges and the bounce. These two new words that we introduce in this article are two very important characteristics when it comes to being able to make a custom wedge, the bounce is very important in selecting it according to the type of soil that is being played on the course, it is I mean, it depends on how hard or soft the ground is. And the Grind is the type of sole that the player should play depending on his hitting record and the skill that the player has.

Types of Wedges in Golf

In each player's bag we find different types of wedges that I will now break down into these following sections: 

According to the degrees of the stick

At the end of the 20th century, as golf became more specialized, different manufacturers began to make a large range of wedges.

Nowadays, according to the degrees, the following nomenclature is given to the wedges: 

  • Gap Wedge: It is a head that is found in lofts that comprise between 46, 48, 50 and 52 degrees, depending on the degrees that the player plays in the game in the Pitching Wedge (depending on the brand we usually find between 42 and 48 degrees, and in accordance with this we can fit the GW in the distance target that the player needs.
  • Sand Wedge: It is a head that is located between the following lofts 54 and 56 degrees, destining this club to execute a certain distance and, additionally, the power in a beginner player to learn to handle the SW, learning to have a broader range of hits, and then forks the Lob Wedge which we will talk about later. Besides this these heads already have different bounce and grind.
  • Lob Wedge: it is a head that is located between the different lofts 58 and 60 degrees. It is the club that generates a higher trajectory of the entire bag and therefore the highest spin that we can find. They are usually used in shots from the bunker, around the green and shots from distances between 90 yards and the flag.

According to the configuration of the face

Normally we find two types of faces in the market: 

  • Blade head: It is the traditional head that we usually find and that looks very similar to the pw of the iron set, and therefore, its grooves have the appearance of irons, that means that between the toe and the heel we find grooves but then there is a part that does not have grooves of any kind. Available in different degrees 46, 48, 50, 52, 54, 56, 58, 60 degrees.
  • Hi-Toe Head: It's a head that has a shark fin shape and another thing that makes it different is also the grooves, because his face has grooves all over the face and it really makes the player able to play with control both on the tip and on the back. the heel, as this will help the player with a slightly easier face. 

What metrics to take into account when setting up your wedge

At the time of choose the right wedge for your golf We will need the following specifications to be able to make a series of wedges suitable for each player: 

  • PW Ratings: since if it is 46º the first wedge should be 50º and if it is 48º the first wedge of the set should be 52º.
  • Player's club length: since the wedges must be of equivalent length to the set of clubs, since we do not want the player to have an excessively high or low posture.
  • The rod: since the shaft of the irons will help, having a shaft of the same specification in the GW and then a shaft of the same model and slightly heavier and the same hardness or a point softer than the irons will help improve spin.
  • The bounce: The type of bounce that the club design must retain is important, since depending on whether the ground is hard we will use a lower bounce of 3º-5º, if the ground is medium we will use another bounce of 6º to 10º and if the ground is soft we will use the highest bounce from 12º to 16º.

At HCC we create the perfect wedge for your game

After having read this article it is very good that you see the level of knowledge we have when it comes to being able to help you customize the wedge With the highest quality of all the brands we work with and that can help you improve your game. 

If you still think you need some wedges, get in touch with us and be clear that the wedges we will make for you will be the best you've ever had.

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