Do you want to know the exact process to customize the wedge? In this article we tell you. If you want the best wedge for your game, contact us. At Handmade Custom Clubs we are specialists in Custom Golf Clubs.

Process to customize the wedge

In the process of creating a set of wedges for each player at HCC we follow a process that I call, iron identification, and you will say, but what is Miki talking about? I really explain it to you so that you understand well, everything starts with the release. Ok, if you don't know what the release is, I'm going to explain it to you quickly so that you understand it, it's the final acceleration movement of the wrists, prior to the impact and as a consequence it will make the player project the greatest acceleration to the grooves of the face of the club

Think about it, if you are a player with the 7 iron and you do a distance below 120 meters, think about it, a wedge bought in a store normally the shaft has a weight of 130 to 115 grams, it is a fairly heavy shaft but they also tend to have a Stiff flex, if I don't have enough club speed to move this, how am I going to be able to generate acceleration through impact? 

There you have the iron identification, that is, if your clubs are mounted and with a shaft that allows you to really do what you want with them, the shaft of the wedges must have a direct relationship with the irons.

Data to take into account when customizing the Wedge

Having the wedges designed for each player has some very specific data and that will help you to make your game better.

As for this section, it has a direct relationship with the iron identification, first of all the speed of the player's club with the 6 iron and the direct relationship of the Smash Factor, for the selection of the shaft. The terrain time and the texture of the bunkers that each player plays frequently will define the bounce of the wedges and then the skill level that the player has will help us to define the grind. 

Well, after so many technical words, I am going to explain it to you in an easier way so that you understand it well, rod and balance The one with which we mount the stick will help to improve the player's acceleration and release, the bounce (amount of rebound that the sole of the club has on impact) will help us to be able to get the best out of the wedge, according to the time on the field that we play and finally the grind It is the design of the sole, which allows the player to execute a wide variety of shots with the possibility of not making mistakes. As for the Grind, at HCC we can personalize the grind for each player and give it the most optimal shape, just as it could be done to a professional LET or DP World Tour player, and we do this because we have been working within teams for many years. of players of the Tours and we help many and many in this personalized development.


The loft, that is, the degrees that they must have between them, is very important since it will be at that moment where the distance in full stroke will be established between them.

That is why in another of the articles in which we talk about this we explain that the degrees of the PW are very important since if we want to have 2 or 3 wedges we must respect the same degrees between suits, that is, from PW to GW we can have 4th, 5th or 6th among them and then if we want to have 2 wedges we will have 6th or if we want 3 wedges 5th degrees. 

Here I can give you the following example:

  • PW = 46º
  • GW = 50º
  • SW = 54º
  • LW = 58º


The length of the wedge must have a direct relationship with the length with which the player carries his clubs. It is very common for me to find players with the correct lengths of the irons, because they have been bought customized in the length and then find the set of wedges with the wrong length.

The first problem that this entails is the posture, since if the club is half an inch longer and the wedges are of standard length, it will not help the movement to be as effective. Secondly, the swingweight will not be directly related, and therefore the feel will not be the same as with the irons. 


It is very common to go into a store to buy a wedge from the exhibitor and for the seller to recommend the wedge based on the degrees for the distance, but the problem is that the degrees do not help the distance, rather if the rod, the balance, grip, lie and length of the club, the distances with the degrees will be quite complicated to achieve as the player needs. 

Remember to invest your money wisely in improving your golf and not in trying to improve it in the wrong ways.  


The rebounding capacity of each wedge is related to the level of execution of each shot. And I will explain it to you quickly and easily. 

When a player acquires a 50º wedge, what he normally seeks is to execute shots as he could with his PW, that is, full shots or in different dimensions of the swing. With this, the bounce should go hand in hand with the bounce that the PW will have. 

In the case of a 54º or a 56º, the bounce depending on the terrain time will go from 8º to 14º depending on the hardness of the terrain, where 8º will be for a harder terrain and 14º for a softer terrain (we will seek that the bounce does not cause the club to bounce or dig into the ground on impact). In the same situation that happens with a wedge of 58º or 60º, where we can select depending on the terrain from 4º to 14º, with the same preparation of the terrain as previously stated.


The Grind, as the word ground says, that means that depending on each stick we can give a design to the sanding of the sole in order to optimize its efficiency and to be able to allow the player to develop the 100% of his ability when it comes to make shots around the green or bunker in all possible situations that may arise during a round of golf.

Other Important Aspects to Consider When Customizing a Wedge

There are more variables that you should know, I will explain it to you below.

head material

The material of the head is a part that influences a lot, since the touch of the stick and the feeling of it makes the player feel the blows much more. 

The finish of the heads is also very important since they allow the player to prevent the Sun from reflecting at the moment it is placed in the stance, which is why there are finishes of the following types: 

  • Chrome
  • Raw (Rust)
  • Brushed
  • Black Matte
  • Blue
  • Cooper

That is why it is an important part in the personal selection of each player.


The lie is the angle related to the position of the player's hands in the stance and that will favor the greatest efficiency of the impact at the moment of the execution of the blow, therefore at HCC we adjust each wedge specially designed for each player from a lie static to then a dynamic lie.

The lie of the irons and the wedges must have a directly proportional relationship, since it greatly influences the result of the ball speed.


The Swingweight is a parameter related to the set of clubs and more in common with the PW, since that will make the GW have the same as the PW and then as the grades open the Swingweight will grow. There are plenty of standard Swing Weights set by manufacturers but, at HCC, we can customize the Swingweight to each player's game and thus be able to have a much more logical relationship.

Create your custom wedge with us

If you found this article interesting and after this you have realized that your wedges will most likely not help you, you just have to contact us and be able to do a fitting with us and in it we will seek to do magic and get the wedge suitable for your golf to help lower your handicap and reach another level.

In it we will work: 

  • Gaps away.
  • The rod (length, weight and material)
  • He lies. 
  • The Grind.
  • The Swingweight.
  • The color of the head.
  • The type of grip and its volumes.

Request a fitting and you will see how the short game will reach another level. At Handmade Custom Clubs we are specialists in Custom Golf Clubs.

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