¨I don't make custom golf clubs for when you play well, I make them for when you play badly¨ – Miki Rapado

This article is the work of Abel Jimenez "Let's talk about Golf" I think it is the best way to start this blog and our articles.

Today is a very special day.

Today I finally reveal who my clubmaker is, my clubfitter and I can say that he will be a good friend sooner or later.

Today I present to you the person who has helped me create the best series of articles since I created Let's Talk About Golf.

Meet Miki Rapado, one of the world's leading experts, atcustom golf clubs.

Miki Rapado

During the 3 months that we have been talking... every day... nights and some other early morning, I have been able to learn a Master's degree on custom golf clubs.

I am passionate about many things, including golf.

But Miki Rapado is one of the most passionate people I have come across in the world of golf and specifically in custom golf clubs.

Keys to choose a good Clubmaker-Clubfitter.

First of all, you have to know the keys to choosing a goodclubmaker and clubfitter.

1º) You have to improve.

This is the most important key, if your golf doesn't improve with the new clubs, forgive me for telling you, but you've got the wrong person.

If, after testing, your clubs are built to your specifications and you don't start to play better, my advice is to change your clubmaker.

2º) You have to trust him.

This is a trap key and I'll explain.

To trust, yes, but to show you, to show you why this and not the other.

And above all, that when you get to the field and compare, your confidence in him is contrasted.

Look how I was, when Miki sent me my irons with shafts that were not made of steel… freaking out.

3º) The most expensive is not always the best.

4º) If no two people are the same, why should there be 2 sets of the same clubs?

5º) Talk a lot with him.

Not everyone is good for this and you have to make him see your feelings, even if they are few or as I always say, you don't have it, but you have to have a feeling with the club that they prepare for you.

6º) He can be a very good clubfitter but a very bad clubmaker or vice versa.

Let's say Clubfitter is the professional who tests you.

Clubmaker is who makes the clubs.

If you have both, then you are outstanding.

7º) It has to be multi-brand.

In order for your custom golf clubs to fit your specifications, they cannot be just one brand.

Therefore, one of the keys is that it has several brands of heads, shafts and grips.

In short, you must try a lot of variety of material to choose the best one.

Miki Rapado – The custom golf club expert.

They say that a person can be considered an expert on something, when at least they have spent +10,000 hours working on it.

In this case, Miki Rapado would not only be an expert in custom golf clubs, but much more.

As I have always told you in all my articles, you do not have to believe anything I tell you, I am going to prove it to you.


My stats since Miki Rapado made me custom golf clubs.

Very simple, since I got the clubs he made me, I have played 2 tournaments.

*In one of them, I won.

*And in the other I did +4, finishing third.

In summary, in a month, I have lowered my handicap, now I am at 6.1.

Maybe the data does not seem significant enough to you, but this has been in a period of time of less than a month.

I also have to tell you that the change in material has been progressive.

In the first tournament I had only the irons and driver.

In the second tournament I made them the irons and the putter, since we were going to make some changes to the driver to further increase the Smash Factor.

Why have I trusted Miki Rapado to make my custom golf clubs?

In the first place because of his passion.

During these 3 months, we have talked for hours and hours, and I am a person who clearly sees when someone is passionate about their work.

Secondly, because he hasn't forced me to play any suit that I didn't like and let me explain.

There are times that in the tests we have carried out, the clubs that came out did not convince me and Miki Rapado, among one of his maxims has this:

A player can never play a club that he doesn't like, no matter how good his data.

Third, because he's just as geeky as me.

I don't know if this is good, but it has really cooled me.

I love talking to people who know much more than I do and more if it's something related to golf, well imagine the brutal cocktail.

Who trusts Miki Rapado to make their custom golf clubs?

Well, here is the list and others that cannot be said.
  • Luna Sobrón (Player of LPGA and LET)
  • Nuria Iturrioz (Player of LET and Symetra Tour)
  • Natasha Fear (Player of LET)
  • Nacho Elvira (European Tour player, driver and wood fitter)
  • Manuel Gil Castro (Player of the National Tour)
  • Antoni Ferrer Mercant (Former Asian Tour, Challenge Tour and National Tour player)
  • Gerard Piris (Challenge Tour Player)
  • Manuel Morugán (National Tour player)
  • Gerard Pera (Long Driver World League competitor, Movistar + Golf collaborator)
  • Emilio Cuartero (Challenge Tour and National Circuit player)
  • Carlos Garcia Simarro (National Circuit player and former Challenge Tour player)
  • salvador paya (Mena Tour Player)
  • Virginia Mirror (Former LETAS player)
Amateur players in national teams:
  • Josele Ballester
  • Carla Tejedo
  • carla bernat
  • Hugo Aguilar
  • Odette Font
  • Sandra Vazquez

And as if that were not enough:

  • Wilson Staff Clubmaker and Clubfitter of the professional department of the LET, LETAS, Challenge Tour, Alps Tour for Spanish players.
  • Clubmaker and Official Clubfitter of the Costa Azahar Golf Club (Castellón).

So, it's not just that I trust Miki Rapado anymore, there are many professional golf players, well-known brands and many more amateur players who have been working with Miki Rapado for more than 10 years.

Do you need more data?

Brands that trust Miki Rapado and with which he works to make handmade golf clubs.


They say it is the best brand of golf putters out there.

I do not doubt it, I assure you.

In fact, I find it very difficult to play another putter that is not from this brand from now on.

Well, Miki Rapado (Handmade Custom Clubs) is the exclusive and official distributor for Spain.


I could spend half an hour telling you about the brands that Miki Rapado wears, but I'd better put them in an image.

Remember that one of the keys to choosing a good clubfitter-clubmaker is to have a lot of diversity of material.


And to conclude this article, I leave you with the series of THE TRUTH ABOUT GOLF CLUBS.

The best series of articles since I created Let's Talk About Golf, thanks to Miki Rapado.

I think that finally, it would be nice if you could see all the work we have done during these 3 months.

If you want to read it directly from Let's Talk About Golf, I have attached the reading link.


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