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The Touch Tour is a more traditional pistol style grip that merges a pistol shaped top section with a minimal taper lower down the grip. The more pronounced arc of the pistol shape helps lock in the position of the top hand even further when combined with the patented P2 off-centre shaft design.

The P2 Touch Tour grip through its shape and firm tacky texture is designed to improve the efficiency of your hand and wrist positions throughout the stroke while giving you the ultimate in putter face control. The underside of the grip has a subtly rounded spine which allows you to feel the exact placement of the grip in your fingers. Our grips are designed, independently tested and proven to improve your accuracy through striking putts from the sweetspot of the putter face more often.

If you are looking for a traditional shape and size, while availing of the biomechanically proven off-centre shaft design, then the Touch Tour is the grip for you!

Putter Grip Specifications

Grip Weight: 85g

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