In this article, we are going to give you an explanation of what, for us, is the best hybrid for your golf and, in addition to the information that you can collect from other websites, we will clarify the information so that you can make a correct selection of the best hybrid. for you.

Is the hybrid better than the Utility Iron or a long iron?

We start from the basis that the characteristics of a utility and a long iron differ. Once this is known, let's see what differences they would have with a hybrid.

A medium and low handicap player always prefers to play with a long iron, since he has control over what the ball is going to do and its trajectories. On the other hand, a utility iron is a club that, in addition to giving the player control of the ball's trajectory and making what is going to happen predictable, has a wider sole than a conventional iron and a larger sweet spot than the face of a common iron. In addition, the utility can have a different shaft than the irons, which allows you to play with the objectives that the player has.

On the other hand, when we select a hybrid, what are we looking for? The answer is simple: we are looking for a higher ball trajectory, greater spin and, as a consequence, better control of the ball in the bounce, providing more precise control of distance. It is a club that has a larger sweet spot and, therefore, a higher offset than a utility.

Aspects to take into account when choosing the best hybrid for your golf

Selecting a hybrid in a player's bag is a decision that must be made objectively, since, when selecting it, we must take several aspects into account:

Player level

The offset and head size of the hybrid are directly proportional to the player's handicap. That is, the lower the handicap, the head should have a smaller offset and a smaller size.

Path sought

If what is sought is greater playability of the ball on all types of surfaces (rough, semi-rough, fairway, bunker, etc.), this will provide the player with a very high level of trajectory manageability. If you want to have a lot of forgiveness, you should only select a head with a larger volume and offset.

Distance or distances to cover

When looking for a distance or an iron replacement, we must be clear about what distance we want to reach. For example, if with the 4 iron (21º) the player reaches 170 meters and with the 5 wood (18º) he reaches 200 meters, we can understand that we should put an intermediate club. If the player seeks to cover the distance between 170 and 200 meters, we will select a club that makes a flight distance between 180 and 185 meters, with a total of 190 meters. Therefore, when selecting the hybrid, we must choose between 22º and 18º (depending on the brands, it can be a hybrid 2, 3 or 4).

At Handmade Custom Clubs we create the right hybrid for you

After reading this article, it is important that you see the level of knowledge we have to help you create quality hybrids from all the brands we work with that can help you improve your game.

If you still think you need a hybrid, contact us and know that the hybrids or utilities we will make for you will be the best you have ever had.

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