The objective of this article is none other than to open your eyes when it comes to selecting a driver head that you really like and that, above all, can give you, together with the shaft, a perfect configuration for your golf driver this 2023.

Top 5 Driver Brands and Models in 2023

When it comes to explaining what an experience with one of the best-rated drivers on the market is, I like to have a place where I can find agnostic results and be very objective.

In this case, the guys at MyGolfSpy are very disciplined in achieving results agnostically.

Best golf drivers this 2023.

In this case, the 5 drivers that have obtained the best results in 2023 are the following, but with this it assesses that the rest of the drivers that have come out in 2023 are equally good but the differences between them are in decimals. 

The score is always based on the following parameters:

  • Distance
  • Precision
  • Sorry

Within these categories we can find variations but in general we will talk about the following models that give better results in general.


It is the driver that has the best numbers overall, in distance, spin, forgiveness and precision, all globally. But the TaylorMade driver and woods are reliable performance clubs with guarantees year after year. 

It is a driver that has some great qualities among them those that I list below: 

  • It is the Most Wanted Driver of 2023
  • It is a club with a solid feel, with a high ball speed and very low spin, so the differentiating factor of this driver with the others is the greater distance between the carry distance and the total distance on medium terrain.
  • The design and feel are very attractive.

The cons From our point of view golf fittings and the assembly is that since it is a Low Spin head, if we do not achieve a high ball flight the trajectory will be with a very capped ball, for this at Handmade Custom Clubs we do the magic so that the performance of the club in the fitting is looking for an option With a balance rod and kick point suitable for the player, we will get the most out of it. That is why you have to be very careful when fitting.


Cobra has historically designed very easy drivers and woods. For this reason, it is among the most recommended heads in our fittings and that we recommend in all LS, MAX and standard models.

It is a head that produces spin below the standard model and, therefore, requires ball height. In this case, the cons of this driver is that it has a very metallic sound and at the level of forgiveness we must say that for an LS version it is quite easy and efficient. The ball height threshold for the club to work is 25 meters of apex and for this we have to be skilled enough to find the feeling with the shaft so that the player can get the ball flight without problem and without having to make excessive changes in stance.


It can be said that for us, until this year we had not worked with Titleist heads, but in this case the drivers that historically were the weakest link of the brand have rebounded in an incredible way, it is a fashionable club among amateur players. of all levels. 

The benefits that the new Titleist driver has are none other than the following that I detail below: 

  • It has a spectacular metallic and strong sound.
  • The look and feel of the stick is very elegant.
  • The speed with which the ball leaves the clubface is very fast.
  • The club fits in the slightly open stance, facilitating the fade and slightly reducing the draw effectiveness.

Instead, the cons of the suit are in this case, the following: 

  • The club at the level of standard shafts is a little limited and as for custom shafts, except for the premium version that has some Graphite Design models, the final cost to the customer is high.
  • The forgiveness of the club is somewhat more limited than the TSR2 version, which is easy, efficient. 


Callaway always designs very simple and efficient clubs. It is the first driver that Callaway has designed with AI and that has really managed to change the trend of Callaway designs from other years.

In the benefits What we found from the driver are the following: 

  • Sorry for the higher off-center bumps than the predecessor models.
  • The look and feel of the clubs is more elegant with a blue finish and made of carbon over the entire surface of the driver.
  • It has a very high level of precision, which is why it is ranked fourth in the general list.

In against of the driver, we found the following from the opinions of the different players we have and who are already playing it: 

  • The impact in terms of sound is quite dark, not all players liked it at first but they have ended up adapting.
  • The spin is quite low and normally the brand provides high and medium flight rods as standard. 
  • The fact that the club is made of carbon as a whole has a risk that if the player does not maintain or take good care of the driver, it is very possible that the sole will suffer more and wear out due to so much friction with the ground.


It is a brand that we do not work on Handmade Custom Clubs , but if a brand that we are adjusting from different parts of Spain, since the product is really good and within the MyGolfSpy rating it is in fifth position and one of the drivers that has been a discovery for independent evaluators. Among the things that has stood out the most Of all the numbers it is one of the models with the lowest spin of all the clubs. Helping to achieve greater distance in total.

As for the cons that have been highlighted are the following points that we detail below:

  • The forgiveness of the stick is not the highest and, therefore, generates safety problems when hitting the fairway.
  • The look and feel of the stick has a design on the upper part with a more linear finish and shine that not all players have been dazzled by.

Below we leave you a summary of the most forgiving drivers on the market if that is what you are looking for and the longest distance drivers on the market. But we want to make it clear to you that these are more specific models for those segments.

Top 5 drivers in 2023 according to the forgiveness they offer.
Top 5 drivers in 2023 according to the distance they offer.

How to choose the Best Driver for your Golf?

The best way to determine which driver is the best for your game are questions that I usually ask during fittings before letting your imagination, knowledge, and as many of our clients say, “the magic” fly.

  • What is the objective you have with the driver?
  • What are you looking for: distance, precision, an efficient trajectory?
  • What height of ball do you have?
  • What are the most common mistakes with your driver in a round of golf?
  • What is the predominant effect in your game?
  • Among others, and then you have to let everything you tell be corroborated by collecting data and watching the flight of the ball.

But at Handmade Custom Clubs, in addition to asking questions, we take action and finally seek to make all the wishes you have for a driver come true and, above all, seeking to achieve short and medium-term objectives.

At Handmade Custom Clubs we create the Best Driver for your Swing

As we usually tell you in our fitting center, we have many options for driver heads, lofts, weights and shafts of different weights and a privileged practice area in Mallorca that will allow you not to make mistakes when customizing your driver and creating your custom golf clubIn addition to this, you will have the knowledge and know-how of Miki Rapado, our CEO and clubfitter, who works with many players in the LET and LPGA as well as boys from the Challenge Tour. 

Contact us without obligation and let's create the best driver for your swing.

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