In this article we are going to try to explain to you what they are, to Handmade Custom Clubs, the 5 best wood brands of 2024, which we will specify depending on the handicap level.

What is the use of a wood in golf?

Woods are clubs designed to generate the greatest distances, with a trajectory that can vary according to the player's needs, being higher or lower, with a lower or higher spin. They are clubs that, if properly configured, will always make less distance than the driver. However, we must keep in mind that if the player achieves greater distance with the wood than with the driver, he may need a driver fitting or improve his technique.

What keys should be taken into account when choosing your woods?

When buying wood, my recommendations are the following: 

Player level

When selecting a wood, we must clearly assess the level of the player. If the player has a very high handicap, sometimes we should suggest that he wait to use the woods until he improves technically, since they are more difficult to hit than a hybrid. In the event that the player has a good level and quality of impact, the wood is a fundamental stick to raise his level of play. In this case, the choice of the wood head is crucial: the higher the handicap, the greater the forgiveness, and the less ability to perform spin with it. Additionally, rod selection and setup configuration are essential. 

Player goal in use

The woods are clubs that are very adaptable to the player and his level. Its use is a great advantage to reach long par 3 holes, par 4s or attack a second shot green on par 5s. Depending on the level of the player, it will not always be necessary to play with a 3 wood, perhaps the club that gives greatest satisfaction in hitting it well, but one of the most difficult in a bag. For high handicap players, the recommendation of a 5 wood and a 7 wood, if required, will help you grow at your level.

head design

It is important? In our opinion, the design is essential when purchasing, since the vast majority of players select clubs based on how beautiful or ugly they are, forgetting that if the game suffers from that selection, it will not help us. Therefore, performing a fitting like the one we do in Handmade Custom Clubs, where the design matters little to us but the result is fundamental, is crucial when selecting a wood.

Forgiveness of the head

The forgiveness of the head is essential, since we must be honest and select the head with greater forgiveness for players with higher handicaps, and less forgiveness for players with low handicaps.

The 5 Best Golf Wood Brands

The brand normally influences our selection according to our tastes, but… have you ever considered choosing depending on your objectives? We should not always choose the same model from the same brand for a 3-wood and a 5-wood. 

Therefore, we have made our HCC Hot List, designed based on aspects as simple as forgiveness, MOI and Spin. All of this is based on our experience with players of all levels that we receive in our Fitting Center and the infinite combinations of shafts, always with the aim of achieving what each player is looking for.

The woods that we consider the best on the market are the following: 


It is a wood that includes Twist Face technology, which helps the player focus errors more towards the target without losing effectiveness, since the ball speed numbers (and therefore the MOI) are high. The Spin of these woods is surprisingly low, around 3000 and 3400 rpm.


It is well known among players that Cobra has historically made very easy to play woods. Since they hired one of the best golf club design engineers about 6 years ago, they have made a leap in the global market, making their woods, in addition to being easy and with high forgiveness, have great aesthetics and better performance.


We've always known how elegant Titleist clubs are, but with this generation they have taken an incredible leap in quality, producing powerful woods with high forgiveness and very high ball speed.


With the constant innovation that Callaway adds to the world of golf, this wood stands out in performance, lateral dispersion and spin. However, our players must be very consistent on impact, since the sweet spot is not as large as in other models.


For low handicap players or good hitters, this wood is a cannon. In our fittings we have had to work very seriously on the configuration of the driver, since this wood offers great distance and fairly low spin, significantly increasing the total distance.

At HCC we create the perfect wood for your golf

If you like these articles and they serve as a source of information, you don't know everything we can do in our fitting centers with your clubs.

If you need good fairway woods, don't waste your time and invest in Handmade Custom Clubs, as it is a symbol of guaranteed performance. Others may try to imitate us, but they will never have our personal touch and take your golf to the next level of excellence.

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