Whenever I write articles on my blog, I have to admit that outside of my Fitting series and my work method, I always get advice from all the bibliography I have and I make a cocktail with what I have in my head...

Honestly, it is difficult to live in my head more than one I WOULD FREAK OUTIn the case of this article, I can only tell you that it has flowed directly, period.

Many people who read my articles do not dedicate themselves to the profession, but many do and those who do not know me just tell them that sharing knowledge is not bad but quite the opposite, it is what should be done so that professionals can grow and evolve. But I also know that when you share knowledge you also expose yourself to criticism and I tell you that if I were afraid of what I know, I would do like many to save my knowledge and make the most of it for my own benefit.


What if what I'm looking for is to create something bigger?

There I release it...

If you are a golf player and what you want is to have a better knowledge of this sport, you will be able to see what is behind a product whenever it goes on the market.

I always talk about brand marketing, and of course, what would golf be without it?

I can tell you clearly, it would be nothing since professional golf feeds on it and from there come the contracts of the professionals and as a consequence, with their suggestions the brands work according to their tastes and preferences.

Well, the same thing happens with the putter, the market has a wide variety of models and brands, as you know at Handmade Custom Clubs we are official distributors for Spain and Portugal of Evnroll Putters, and that makes us have a very high technical knowledge of the product, but we do not stop working with the rest of the brands in our portfolio and as a consequence the knowledge of the product is very high.

Working with a brand like Evnroll Putters It does not pigeonhole us in the recommendation of other brands, for one reason, because we seek the best performance of the player.

When it comes to fitting, we try to identify the parameters that make the player consistent, and YES, we rely on technology SAM PuttLab, but…

Do you think the machine does all the work?

Obviously SAM PuttLab It gives us very good and objective information on the behavior of the putter's movement, as well as the tempo, the tendency of the movement, the angle of attack, among other parameters.

But for the fitting, in addition to those numbers, in my case, prior to that analysis, I need much more complementary data.

If you have read other of my articles, where I talk about my fitting process You will be able to see that there is something that is essential for me... if you want to read it, I will leave it right here below

In my case, the personal interview is essential to get to know the player, to know what criteria the player has of himself and his game and finally to know his objectives and what he hopes to achieve.

Once I already have that, I work with him, certain concepts so that, without telling him, I leave it all written down on my work sheet with the player. Therefore, here are some things that I always look at before doing a complete evaluation of the player before doing the complementary analysis of SAM PuttLab.

Things that I observe and that give me fundamental information about the player:

  • Dominant eye right or left?
  • Where are the hands on impact?
  • What is the launch angle? What is the ideal?
  • What swing weight do you play and what does the putter feel like?
  • Are the eyes parallel to the target line?
  • Are you a player with a taste for Blade or Mallet putters?
  • The ruling that predominates is Pull or Push?
  • How is the behavior of the heel of the putter with respect to the point of impact?
  • What is the grip you play? What do I think is the ideal grip and its size?
  • How is your ball position at the Stance? What would be the ideal?
  • Do you play an offset putter? How does the offset shaft affect the effect of its alignment?

Once I have all this information, and I carry out the SAM PuttLab analysis, my preference when it comes to doing it is professional analysis, where I have absolute knowledge of the player and the putter he plays, I already see myself with the capacity to carry out one or a few recommendations.

Then the process of feeling the player and vision of the putter is unique to the player and totally particular and my job is to make it, as I told you before, consistent. But as I always say, the stick must be liked and enter through the eye.

In the second part of this series of articles, I explain the basic parameters that I usually look at in the putter in order to give my player the best feeling and the greatest ability to repeat a movement without fear of failure and without thinking about the course. in technique.

Now I also want to explain to you what things I usually take into account in the construction of a putter that are not so extremely essential and that do have importance in the final result.


If you are one of those players who, when you start not to let the ball close and on top of that, line yourself up and if I tell you to putt, I can tell you what you do in 99% of the cases, go to a store, try the material and looking to catch a putter with a different head shape, size, weight and grip than the one you play with.

Very well, calm down, that is the instinct and also the frustration, marketing does the rest.

Oh, and I tell you more at this point there is no difference between professionals and amateurs, if the day crosses and there is a way not to play the putter again and change the trend it is done.

In the case of a professional, many of them before facing a radical change from Blade to Mallet, seem to have a few weeks or days of transition.

But changing the head introduces a factor that influences the movement and also affects the tempo and size of the putter's rise, the MOI.

The higher the MOI the ball is thrown much more and the rise of the putter should be shorter and vice versa.

There are also other parameters that affect the face of the putter, the grooves, since they are the ones that produce the spin effect of the ball in the shot and then the ones that produce the turbulence in the roll of the ball.

Making the ball have a greater effect on the Green and making the roll more or less uniform.


There are also other parameters that affect the putter, the material of the face and the grooves, since they are the ones that produce the spin effect of the ball in the roll and then the ones that produce the turbulence in the roll of the ball.

The inserts of current products are usually metallic or elastomeric, and as a consequence, in the same putter with one or the other, it will respond very differently in sensation, but equally in MOI.

Then we have the putters with the milled face and the milled circles depending on the angles make the ball behave at impact in one way or another, and as a consequence the manufacturer will give it a characteristic roll.

But…. Did you know that Evnroll Putters is in this where they are above the rest?

That is why they have been the best putters on the market by Mygolfspy for practically 4 years

The shafts currently also have a differential importance with the rest because the steel shafts, as you can imagine, are not rigid, but have flexibility and we already find manufacturers that establish rods that generate very low or practically no vibration, stabilizing the effect of the face. of the suit, this shaft is the BTG Stability Shaft

Some manufacturer is already daring to manufacture graphite shafts...

yes you read well GRAPHITE

For example, on our page we have Accra graphite shafts for putter Then you will find manufacturers like LAGP that is assembling all the material of the bag to Bryson Dechambeau, and you can look at the white shaft that it has in the putter, it is from this manufacturer.

There are many more topics that I would like to touch on but I can tell you that I will, but this time writing articles in a specific way and not as directly as these where the process is discussed.

If you found this article interesting and you think it can carry something to others, don't hide it for yourself, SHARE it and make the culture about golf equipment ever higher.

© Miki Rapado ®, 2020

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