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What is a Custom Driver and how is it different from a Normal Driver?

In this section I am going to try to present you the main differences between a driver that you can buy in a store and the driver that we can make for you.

  • The head It is the same as what you will find in the store as the one that we will select as, but the main change in the head will be that when adjusting the club we are not always going to select the loft that is placed in the head of the club, instead of by For example, in a 10.5º, there are times when the optimal adjustment will be to put more or less loft depending on the player.
  • The shaft, manufacturers usually put a medium flight shaft in the 10.5º heads and a bass shaft in the 9º heads, and some custom options that leave extras on request. In the case of a custom driver, the 9º heads can go with a very high flight shaft to facilitate height but obtain very low spin, and vice versa with a 10.5º head, but the main difference that we have is that we can put more than 250 driver shaft options on each head and each brand and the level of adjustment is extreme.
  • The grip, the manufacturer usually assembles a grip designed for the way the seeded ones assemble and thus it is easier for them to have control of the swingweight with the specifications that the manufacturer has. On the other hand, in the custom club, the grip can be of any size, textual, and the straps that we put on can be made entirely to the player's taste, trying to maximize the relaxation of the hands and forearms during the swing.
  • The stick set upIn the store club, the club has a basic configuration of swing weight, length, grip and types of shafts (although we must bear in mind that if you have tried a demo in a store there are times when what you get despite being told that it is the same does not always happen). On the other hand, when we do it to measure, a set up can be created totally adapted to each player, in addition and above all in our case, what you try with the demo is what we do to you since the specifications of all aspects remain literally the same.

Advantages of having a Custom Driver

Having a driver designed for each player only has one purpose that this driver will be and will only work well for the person to whom it is done, since that is why we are going to manufacture it and fit it.

Improved Consistency

When a player comes to see us and what he is looking for is consistency, what we first have to evaluate is what is happening to him with the current one and see where the parameters are failing to find a solution. 

In the first place, when we evaluate the club of any player, we have to see the DNA of the club and then the specifications that the player has in terms of physicality, mobility, quality of impact and misses. 

Secondly, we will draw up a plan in which we first solve the dispersion and afterwards, we will look for consistency and distance.

Does it seem easy to you? Well, it really isn't and that's why more and more people write to us asking for our help, which we really like and our team does it with 200% passion.

Adjust to game preferences

When a player has a driver bought in a non-specialized golf store and what he writes to you about or reserves a fitting session for said adjustment, what he wants is for you to make that driver that he bought with enthusiasm and that doesn't work for him, may work for you and suit your specifications. 

This is quite a complicated job since on many occasions the player has been guided by a seller and by his own preferences without taking into account his level, and is not willing to sell it. It is not the first time it has happened. As a consequence, what we will do is look for the best configuration of the head in terms of the rod adapter to adjust the degrees and lie thereof. Finally we will adjust the weights to play with CG of the head. 

The next step is to set up and the shaft, there are times when we can save the shaft and other times when what they have recommended is not at all adaptable to the player and we have to replace it with the correct and appropriate one, always adjusted to the player's budget. in this case we adjust the length, the frequency, the balance of the club, the size of the grip and the swingweight.

Improved distance and accuracy

If we build the driver in order to be consistent, the distance will reach the maximum exponent, since what the player will feel is that he can hit the ball with great confidence and with maximum speed without losing coordination. With this, once we work with the player, we observe that the energy and flight time parameters are in optimal numbers, in this case the Smash factor is between 1.48 and 1.50 and the spin is between 2100 and 2500 rpm.

How Custom Drivers are made

Making a custom golf club takes a laborious process, which is the same as when we build custom golf clubs in one of our articles.

Measurement and adjustment process

Fitting is a process with a driver that lasts one hour, where in the first 15' while the player is in his warm-up phase we will do an interview in which we identify the problems he has and the fears that make his driver not give you maximum performance.

We will make an initial check of the data that comes out with your driver and we will take as references the distances that we took with Trackman in our fitting study in Golf Son Gual, carrying out a totally objective analysis at the numerical level and both vertical and horizontal dispersion.

Once we have these data, we identify if the player wants a new driver, which heads are the most appropriate for him, which above all make him feel comfortable when hitting the driver, confidence in the head and a driver that he likes in terms of sound, speed. of ball is fundamental to later select the rod and the suitable set up of the stick. 

In this process it is very important to set all the specifications, of the type.

  • Head model and mark. 
  • Driver's Loft and lie
  • head weight
  • Driver Shafts
  • swing weight
  • Driver frequency
  • length.
  • Grip model and straps 

This is essential because if this step is not correct, the clubmaker will make a mistake when making the clubs.

Choice of materials and technology

When it comes to selecting the shaft, there are many things that you tell, which, as you will understand, I cannot reveal to you, since it is very difficult for me to explain the 18 years of experience that Miki has in his head and the great baggage of players he has seen and worked with over the years. 

But as I have told you with the shafts in the drivers, the shafts are not only made of graphite, different fibers are used, carbon, carbon fibers of a single fiber, shafts with Torai graphite, etc. We find that when it comes to working with shafts, manufacturers use the most advanced technology available to them to achieve maximum performance. To do this, the clubfitter must specify how the rod should be placed and how the cut of the type that has the rod with which he has made the fitting should be.

Production process

At this point the fun work arrives and that makes the HCC setup stand out from the others on the market, and you will wonder why, in our case, the clubfitter and the clubmaker are the same person and is the one who deals directly with the player during the process. 

All you have to do is follow what you have fit step by suit and do what you have concluded with the player. The HCC process is clear that everything is weighed, down to the last drop of epoxy.

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Custom Driver

At the time of choosing the best driver for your golf it's pretty easy for me to give you advice based on all these years. The advice that we are going to give you can be applied to the other clubs in the bag. 

Choose the material according to our level.

Select the degrees according to the height that we get playing, if our height is not very high, do not be afraid and put more loft.

Select the shaft that allows you to play 36 holes without rest at the same performance.

Consider your game preferences

At the time of the game we must take into account the following premises: 

  • Play the course with the same performance from hole 1 to hole 18.
  • Have a ball height that makes the ball roll when landing giving you extra yards.
  • Observe what the failures are like to see the failure pattern and work post-round.
  • Work with your coach and try to assimilate changes quickly, that's a sign of versatility.

Research about available materials

The process of the materials is a process in which the entire team is immersed, it is none other than the testing of all the materials with enough experience and quality to know how the shafts work and have a study of each behavior to later be able to help to the players. That is why it is very important for the fitter to have a very low handicap between 5 and 0, or to be a golf professional since that will give very real numbers. 

Then there is a very important part to be able to do the job that is none other than studying the materials of each manufacturer and all the specifications of all the shafts that we are going to have to offer our players in the fitting studio.

At HCC we help you create your Custom Drive

At HCC we not only make golf clubs to measure, we ensure that each player who comes to visit us and work with us is treated as a true golf professional, always according to their level, which is why we recommend making a fitting from the first moment on the that we started to play a little on our own, it is not necessary to be a medium or low handicap to make a fitting. 

And now you know, if you are not satisfied with what you have and you think you have room for improvement, we can help the 100% and we will get the best version of your driver. Request your appointment at to make an HCC Driver Xperience and we will give you the best driver you have ever had.

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