It is often said that when people write something about you, you can take it in two ways, good or bad. Well, in this case and how you can read below, I took it easy and I was so impressed that I blushed. 

I never thought it would make a person feel like this, but as I tell you now, and you have felt all this working with me online, and doing only one thing that many people who have worked with me have already done, placing their trust in me.



I think that what you are going to read below can only make you see, exactly the same as what I have read, I do not realize how I do it but I think it is something that no matter how many people copy me or try to imitate what I do, As the protagonist tells me, there is only one Miki Rapado and that cannot be copied. 




I leave you the second part of what this player described about his experience with a horrible sensation and that someone who also plays golf must have felt...

«His STORY continues like this... I don't mess you up anymore and I'll let you read:

 here it comes THE DURING… the next one you already know what it will be called, right?


Now I have to tell you about the process, that change of mentality, the acceptance that something was wrong, the... I don't know what to call it, but well, it could be said that this part of the series is an absolute transformation because I had to digest many things, too many. I would say, but the most important thing for me was that I met a fantastic professional who goes out of his way to build custom golf clubs; the custom club In all rules. In short, I have discovered a whole new world for me.

This part begins with: how did I contact Miki Rapado? Well, look, I must tell you that I had been following his work for quite some time on social networks and, everything I saw, those fantastic works and finishes on his creations, I loved. In fact, I kept track of him from time to time because he's a great friend of my golf teacher (don't forget his name either! Fabian Lozano!) and both complement each other very well. I feel very lucky to have them, that they are my friends and that they support me.

However, the first time I talked to Miki, maybe it wasn't the way I wanted it to be because it wasn't to make a fitting with him for the first time (hopefully!), but because I was tired and needed a second opinion. I will never forget those little “test the ground” questions about swingweight, lead and weight distribution. Now I'm like Russell Crowe in 'Master and Commander', an army captain sent to control the frigate “Surprise” (I think that only a few people will understand this grace).

I wanted and needed to talk to him (I did it late in fact), so I was directly obliged to takear the decision to write to him. And don't think it was easy because I don't like feeling that I don't trust third parties, but I also don't like having the feeling that I'm drowning in a glass of water because I can't speak as I want or feel that, at certain times, I don't know has heard me Therefore, since I had good references from him and knew that I was going to obtain quality information, I contacted him.

"A decision for life"


Such was my surprise, that with all the information he gave me at that moment, I felt that I was talking to a lifelong friend. Really. was talking about fitting/clubmaking in such a pure and didactic way, that I wanted to continue listening to him to learn and soak up information; At times it seems that you know and everything. I felt great contrasting opinions and reading him, and of course, time proved right, so things weren't as misguided as they seemed at first.

I already told you in the previous article that my golf is going a lot feelings and that "something" that was not going well was finally confirmed emphatically. Miki also knew that something was wrong, he knew that there was a player with problems and he wanted to listen. And so it was that my curious (or perhaps not so curious) words or questions, by themselves, hinted that I was wrong.


When we concluded that something was not going well and, even worse, when he confirmed it to me both technically and graphically, well, I fell apart. But I fell apart not because of what I saw, but because of: thinking about everything that frustrated me; the infinite waste of time; all failed trainings; knowing that in the end my clubs were wrong and that that "something" that was inside was indeed there; see that they had told me A and it was actually B; and, in addition to many other things, remembering how much I cried because my game was lost, my swing was different and because I no longer knew where to look to be able to recover the happiness that golf gave me.

But I also won.


I gained the trust of Miki Rapado; I won because in the end time proved us all right; I won because he was right from minute zero; I won by reaffirming that I have people around me with a lot of human quality and who believed in me; I won because that time was not wasted time, it was a total learning process and perseverance. But also patience, a lot of patience...


In the end? WE ALL WIN


«Miki knew it, Fabian knew it and I knew it»


I learned a lot. I learned little minutiae of fitting and clubmaking that could not have been learned with a better teacher than with him. My golf went through a stage (which I do not recommend at all) of a thousand and one sensations, or even more, but all of that had an end: help me.


Right, help me.


That was what Miki did from the first moment she learned that the pieces of the puzzle they didn't fit. That is why I appreciate him so much, because he not only helped me get out of that cycle of apathy and distrust with golf, but he also helped me recover everything that I had worked on with Fabián during this time and, little by little, my training was recovering meaning. The signature that my teacher had left on my swing was back to stay.


Of course, I indirectly did a craftsman's job that you don't see. I think I have obtained a level 1 online title, you don't know what you can learn with it.


That colored cardboard box Mizuno blue… how long has it traveled and how much does it have left to navigate, right? But now yes, now we come to a good port.


Here I am not going to expand much more, because “it doesn't give for more” (actually it does, the process was charged with emotions, but I'm not going to give you another eulogy either, that with what has happened up to now... that's enough). The next thing is to tell you 'The After', and it's going to be the best part of all, but I'll tell you in advance that there's still time until I publish it... in the meantime, you have to remind yourself that:


Wherever you go with your effort and work, always be patient. The results are the result of all your perseverance and struggle to achieve your goals; the goals will come.


Just to tell you that if you liked it as much as I did, you only have to do one thing, stop thinking about golf and seek help. And if you are looking for feeling there is nothing else to draw your own conclusions. and let you GOLF TO ANOTHER LEVEL.





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