The truth is that when the person who is the protagonist of the article suggested it to me, I was surprised and I felt really flattered by his request and, honestly, it gave me a lot of respect just thinking and seeing what the comments that third parties make about my way of working would be like. , of being and of the Xperience that live in HCC.

The truth is that it wasn't fear, but a lot of curiosity and nerves, but I think the best decision I've made is to leave it as it was written by the player.


Why at first I thought...

«Well Miki, you edit it, it looks pretty and you publish it»

However, being true to myself and knowing that I have always been honest and authentic, with the players I work with and I tell them things as always, without makeup.

For this reason, I believe that I deserve that you who are going to read the following testimony, read it as I received it.

It's a way for people to get to know you as you are and how others see you, even though some don't see me that way, basically for a reason, they don't know me.

I assume I have a problem, my passion and love for my work makes the crazy things that they suggest motivate me much more, and I can't help but want to improve and innovate every second of my life. 

Without further ado, I want you to read it without a plug and without a filter. Here I leave you with the player who asked me to tell his Xperience.

To you, who have written this, I just want to tell you one thing...

The show must go on!

Let's go and enjoy it like I did...

© Miki Rapado ®, 2020 


Surely the first thing that has come to mind when reading this title is... the beginning is a bit incoherent, isn't it? It is possible, in fact I am not wrong, but do not forget that sometimes there are situations or even statements that have a true background.


And that's why this header has it, so I'll briefly explain why:

  • Famous: Everyone (or if not "everything", almost everything) has heard of it.

  • A stranger: Few people (or if not "few", very few) know what it REALLY IS.

This HCC blog series is dedicated to all amateur golfers, to all those who, like me, play golf for pure leisure; to disconnect from work and day to day; to get away from the routine; to spend time with our family and friends; to smell and listen to nature, how far away we are when we spend hours and hours working or studying between four walls; to compete and improve ourselves day by day... in short, to have fun and have fun (which, above all, always is the most important).


However, one day, without eating or drinking it (without wanting to or thinking about it...) I began to lose all those factors: I began to stop enjoying myself, not having fun, getting desperate and what is worse, becoming obsessed with the sport that I like it so much and how happy it makes me when I practice it almost 24/7. And this has not been precisely because he was making swing changes or not hitting a "stick with a ball": no.


It was for some golf clubs (yes, you read correctly, for some golf clubs). You can put your glasses back on or add serum to your contact lenses, I'm going to write the same thing again:



Hey! A nuance, a nuance... that this was before reaching the "world" of HCC, otherwise this series would not make any sense 😉


I consider myself a fairly persistent and tenacious person in my daily life and I usually apply this to all the sports I do (which is not little), so I don't usually give up so easily. And so it was that, without giving up, I ended up in the hands of Handmade Custom Clubs, with Miki Rapado, and who to this day I consider a friend. Not just for being my clubfitter-clubmaker (do not forget that they are two different terms, and that is why I invite you to read his very interesting article before you continue with this series), but because I consider him my maximum confidant when it comes to my golf clubs custom refers, ultimately, the creator of my little "weapons."


My other great confidant and whom I cannot forget to mention in this first entry because otherwise my 'inner self' would not forgive me, is my current teacher and the greatest exponent of my swing: Fabián Lozano, another dear friend and who is part of what I call my golf “combo plus”. But the technical teaching of golf is another separate issue and the reason now is talk about golf clubs (but beware, that Fabián gives me for another whole series! And since I write little... note the irony).

In the end, what I want to achieve with all this is that you entertain yourself, that you try to give me a voice when you read to me and, above all, that all these reflections can help you if you have ever experienced a situation similar to the one I am going to tell you about. continuation.

And you'll think: but start telling me now, right? Well, not yet, I'll make you wait a little longer.


Many people think that golf is a boring sport, that it is not a "sport" in itself, that it is a hobby only for retirees or that it is simply "hitting a ball and that's it"... little more and they tell us that it is nothing (…). But dear friend, if you are reading this, let me tell you that this is like when our parents teach us to eat and try everything, don't you remember the famous 'if you haven't tried it, you don't know if you like it'? Well that same. I have a good palate for eating and a good palate for sports, so you know the mantra to follow: if you haven't tried it, you don't know if you're going to like it. And this same philosophy should and must be applied to the fitting and clubmaking, but I can tell you with total security (and personal amateur experience). There are many people who are reluctant to make custom golf clubs and even without having tried it (does it ring a bell?) They already make a cross to this world so big, so vast and so "unknown". But why? If you have decided to try the world of golf and all its adventures, why not try one more part with custom golf clubs? You would be more surprised than you think or expect, and with HCC you have adventure guaranteed.

Believe me, an investment in custom golf clubs, is a investment for life.


At HCC, from my point of view, it is a investment in happiness. Definitely: it's an Xperience.

Never close doors to train yourself both personally and academically, never close doors to be able to learn from others: let yourself be taught and be taught.

And you will think, why are they telling me all this if what I want is to know a little more about custom golf clubs?


Don't worry, you'll find out, and from a completely different point of view, like that of an amateur player here. Because as I told you at the beginning, all those sensations and joys that golf gave me, there was a moment when they disappeared.


Sadly I began to lose them and worse, not being able to find them again. I really wish you never find yourself in a situation like this, above all, that you find yourself in a loop of frustration and discouragement like the one I went through. And not precisely because of a personal situation, no, but for custom golf clubs that, perhaps, they were not "so tailored" or so “kʌs.təm” that the English usually say (you said it out loud with the tone of a bilingual pro, and you know it).


Luckily that apathy has already disappeared: HCC appeared, I found Miki Rapado on the personal recommendation of my teacher (remember his name: Fabián Lozano) and I found a person in whom I can fully trust, who listens and what is better, who is capable of perceiving the feeling instant that you have with a golf club even without having it in your hands: AMAZING Don't you believe me? I'll show you, we'll show you.


Sometimes I wonder what things are going through Miki's head to know the exact data or configuration of the club he is creating, he is incredible, he is like a walking calculator and, hey, it will not be because he has "few" players in his hands . His daily work and great achievements endorse him.


 This is just a short introduction, so if you've been wanting to read more, that's a good sign! And I'm glad for it. I will return with the second part, which I assure you, it will not be the last.


P.S: As Abel Jiménez says of Let's talk about Golf (don't forget to visit his blog, one of the best you'll see in golf information of all kinds): HCC is the Disney World of golfers. Well, it's never too late to fulfill small dreams


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