Are the PXG drivers for 2024 really that good? The answer is yes, we explain it to you below.

Differences between PXG Drivers and other Golf Drivers

PXG drivers are more exclusive products as a brand than other drivers on the market, and we tell you this because they can only be purchased in specialized stores and not in all golf stores in Spain. There are very few of us in Spain who have them and we can make the correct fitting to get the most out of your PXG driver.

They are drivers with an elegant design in glossy black on the crown and with a titanium face that gives a very attractive metallic sound, compared to very similar designs that work at a very high MOI but have the defect of a face with greater friction , but yes, with very high precision. With the PXG driver we have similar parameters, but in the Black OPS range it has very low spin and very high forgiveness.

Something that has improved a lot in recent years and in the different generations is the speed of the ball (which has increased substantially), the forgiveness of the face in off-center impacts and, finally, a much lower spin than the latest models.

PXG Driver models for this 2024

The PXG brand has several models of drivers, but the most common are:


Driver intended for players of medium and high handicaps, because it has a larger sweet spot than the tour range and a slightly lower center of gravity of the head, allowing a higher launch in the trajectory with little spin. Normally, if you are a player with medium trajectory, the 10.5º head is quite suitable.


It is a model that appears smaller than the brand's standard model, but that gives greater control of the effects than the traditional model. The center of gravity is placed a little higher and closer to the face, resulting in a deeper launch and very low spin.

Player opinions about PXG Drivers

The players we have worked with with the new PXG drivers are usually players who have already had other models from the brand. What they tell us is that, with the same shaft configuration that we have recommended in the past, the club is significantly longer than its predecessor models and with much less lateral dispersion against off-center hits.

In carry, that is, flight distance, they go a little longer and where there is a good jump is in its total roll. That makes it easier for our players to have shorter clubs in their hands on subsequent shots on each hole.

Is the PXG Driver the best option for you?

If what you are looking for is an elegant driver, unusual to see in your friends' bags and you want us at Handmade Custom Clubs to make that driver take you to another level, PXG BLACK OPS is the best option for you. In price, if you look for it in “Configure your Driver” on our website, you will see that it is a very competitive driver.

Buy PXG Driver

Do you want to buy a fully customized PXG driver? Click on the one you prefer, customize it to your liking and you will get your driver with the greatest guarantee.

At HCC we create the best Driver for your Golf

If you want to create the best driver for your golf look no further. In Handmade Custom Clubs we create the best Custom golf clubs. Additionally, if you need a complete analysis of your game or driver, book a fitting with us and discover the most professional experience.

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