Do you want to know the new revolution in the world of putting? Do you want to know everything you need about it? In this article we will talk in depth about the new brand that is standing out in the sector, the LAB Golf putters.

What is LAB Golf?

You may be wondering where this new brand comes from. The truth is that LAB Golf is an emerging brand, but with a touch of innovation that has become very popular on the PGA Tour, LPGA, DP World Tour and Ladies European Tour.

LAB Golf is a brand focused on true putting balance. What they have worked on and designed are putters whose head, during the complete backswing and downswing movement, remains completely aligned without any noticeable rotation. With this, they have managed to minimize the role of the hands in the movement, allowing the player to execute the movement mainly with the shoulders and facilitating a neutral roll of the ball.

Customization of LAB Golf Putters

Today, LAB Golf is the only brand on the market that allows you to have a putter with a "standard" similar to what you would buy in a store, with prices ranging between 499 and 599 euros. In addition, it offers the possibility of customizing the different models with specific lengths, angles of the shaft with respect to the head (the lie), various grips (in the case of LAB Golf, there are about 7 different models) and, in addition to the series that mounts LAB in matte black color, allows you to mount, at an extra cost, ACCRA type shafts designed for LAB, a shaft designed exclusively by TPT, the famous BGT Stability shafts, which provide a feeling of consistency and stability to the putter, and finally the LAGOLF P Series brand rods, available in 2 colors and with two types of lengths.

But what really gives it an exclusive and personalized touch is that all the heads of the 5 different models can be chosen between 6 to 8 different colors.

You may wonder if this type of customization will help you putt more consistently and, as a result, make fewer total putts per round. I can tell you that, after performing a fitting by Miki Rapado and his team, the putter is totally designed for you.

In our new online store you can configure everything to your liking or order it from the Stock range, which does not allow you to customize it as much. However, we have tools to make Lie and Grip adjustments, since we have all the grip models that LAB has on its website, and they will be available on our website. But don't worry, if you don't have it, we can get it upon request.

As you can understand, any putter that is ordered to have in Stock or Custom is ordered directly from the LAB headquarters in the United States, and the delivery time in Spain and at your home can be between 6 and 8 weeks.

Advantages of LAB Golf compared to other putting brands

Although for many of you the brand may be little recognized, it is a brand that, as usually happens when it arrives in Spain, has already been standing out in the United States for some years. They have a very defined methodology at the brand level, and the system for creating putters and their delivery is very well established.

The advantages of LAB putters compared to the rest of the market are the following, which I will list for you. However, with this I do not mean that the others are bad or incorrect, but rather that the philosophy of the brand is what makes them different:

The face of the putter

It always arrives square at impact, making the backswing more controlled and the downswing tighter. This ensures that the putter face at impact is more appropriate, which greatly helps the direction of the putt and the roll of the ball. From all the studies carried out, it is shown that 83% of the errors in putting come from how the club face arrives at impact.

Lie ANGLE Balance (LAB) technology

Makes it easier for golfers to square the putter face at impact. Unlike other putters, which keep the putter face square after performing an arc backswing, this technology makes it just as valid but easier to get the face square at impact correctly. This makes putting as easy as choosing the right line, the right speed, and hitting it naturally.

LAB Golf Putter Models to Buy

The LAB Golf brand currently offers a wide range of models, all of them perfectly adaptable and customizable to the 100% for each player.

Below, I present the different models of putters according to their age:


This was the first model created by the company, devised by the brand's founder, Bill Presse, a former mini tour player who sought to radically simplify the putter stroke. His goal was to always have a putter whose face would be square at impact, which led him to the creation of the Lie Angle Balance. Additionally, he sought to create a face that allowed for the greatest possible forgiveness, radically designing the DF2.1 to maximize the consistency of off-center hits. Although it is not an aesthetically appealing putter, it does work.


Since not all players liked the previous model, and in order to improve and grow as a company, an attempt was made to develop a more compact and slightly smaller model that followed the 100% LAB philosophy. This model was created, based in pure science, not in magic.


The MAX model is a larger 20% version of the MEZZ.1, with the same specifications. Allows mounting on long Armlock and Broomstick. It uses the most advanced construction to date: the midsection is CNC machined from 303 stainless steel to improve feel, and the body is CNC milled from a single piece of 6061 aircraft aluminum to increase forgiveness. Thus, the response of steel is obtained without the penalty in tolerance in off-center hits thanks to the aluminum chassis.


This model is the most stylized in the range, maintaining the LAB philosophy, which allows you to have a stylized putter but with a completely square impact moment. In our store, the models that we will have the most in stock are the 69º lie and the 34º length.


This model is an evolution of the DF2.1, following the same philosophy of the original. The difference is that players requested a less extravagant but equally effective model. Through some major design tricks, the DF3 was made to function essentially the same as the Directed Force. Like the original, errors are effectively irrelevant: putts hit on the heel and toe will roll very similarly to those hit from the center, simplifying the golfer's task with the DF3.

Buy LAB Golf Putters

Have you decided to buy a LAB Golf putter? Here we leave you the 5 models of putters mentioned so that you can personalize them, make them to your liking and enjoy the new putting experience.

At Handmade Custom Clubs we create the Putter you Need

At our online golf store You will be able to find the entire range in the section on customizing your putter. LAB Golf and we will be able to send it to your home at no additional cost, within 6 to 8 weeks. If you want it in the Stock model, we will try to always have the models so we can send them as soon as possible. But I can tell you that you will hardly find a store like this in the Spanish-speaking world.

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