In this article, we are going to explain the main differences that exist between what is called a hybrid and a utility iron. In addition, we will explain to you what type of player profile each one may be intended for. Find out what to choose when thinking about buying a hybrid or long iron.

Differences between Hybrid and Long Iron

The hybrid, as the word indicates, is a club designed to behave between a wood and an iron, offering a higher trajectory than an iron and a higher spin, which allows it to stop a ball on the green more easily. They are characterized by having a sweet spot larger than an iron, as well as a perimeter weight distributed along the head, since they are hollow clubs on the inside. This makes it easier for manufacturers to place the weight where they want to offer greater forgiveness. The center of gravity of hybrids is usually lower to help lift the ball and generate a higher-rev flight.

On the other hand, the long iron or utility iron is, in short, an iron with a wider sole and a hollow interior in most models, which allows long irons of range 1, 2 or 3 to be more easy to hit and offer greater control of impact and trajectory. Its main characteristic is that the trajectory is lower than that of a hybrid and allows a higher roll than a hybrid. The intention of this type of club is to have absolute control of what the ball will do at all times.

What to take into account when choosing to buy a hybrid or a long iron?

For know which golf clubs to buy and choosing between one or the other, different aspects must be considered:


The hybrid is a club suitable for players of all handicaps, high, medium and low. On the other hand, the utility club is a club that requires a certain skill and if you don't have a good level of hitting, it harms you more than it benefits you.

Stick objective in your game

Having a clear idea of what you want to use it for is essential, since one is to play in ideal conditions and get balls out of the rough with ease, but when there is a lot of wind, the high trajectory does not help to make distance. On the other hand, the utility is intended to play on long but narrow holes, in very windy conditions to keep the ball low and minimize the effect of the air, or to play on courses with a links profile, being a very important resource club.

Path you want

If you are looking for a ball with spin and high trajectory, you need a hybrid. On the other hand, if you want a longer trajectory and low spin so that the ball travels further along the ground, what you need is a utility.

Type of field for which they are intended

The utility is intended for courses with very defined profiles, narrow courses, with a lot of air, with hard fairways and firm greens. On the other hand, the hybrid is for normal courses with receptive greens, where there is usually no continuous excessive air on a daily basis, and with high rough.

Player technical level

The hybrid is intended for players of all levels and is especially useful for women, since they are simple and very forgiving clubs, which always helps high handicap players to generate distances. On the other hand, the utility or long iron is a club that, in order to obtain adequate performance, the player must be below a handicap of 10 and have a good quality of impact with the irons, since they are clubs with quite low forgiveness.

These are the options that we should always consider when selecting a new club for our bags, and this is a clear example.

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