The level of the player, the previous knowledge and experience of the player is what will determine how to cover all the needs you have when buying new clubs, changing shafts or changes in settings that we can give you. make perfectly to your liking. Therefore, in this article, we tell you everything you need to know when it comes to which golf clubs to buy.

Aspects to consider when buying golf clubs

When we carry out a fitting it is very easy from our point of view to be able to determine the different specifications that you will need, or even when you contact us via WhatsApp, Zoom (fitting online), telephone or via email at

But if you don't have any of this and your purpose is to request that we make you some clubs that follow the indications that you want with the shafts, heads, grips and specifications that you want, you can do it in our purchase process.

Speed is one aspect that will help you select the stiffness of the rod from junior to extra stiff. The handicap level is another aspect to assess, if you are physically athletic or sedentary, the type of clubs will change a lot. Flexibility is another aspect that we must assess, since it will allow us to perform a more adequate rotation of the shoulders, and a better X factor, therefore a better final acceleration.

Best brands of golf clubs to buy this 2023

In Handmade Custom Clubs It is very difficult for us to be able to recommend a brand in general, for one thing that is very clear because all the brands of heads and shafts that we work with are good and what we have to know is to create the correct configurations for each player.

The agnostic fitting is based on being able to make the sets of clubs according to the choice agreed between the tastes of the player and the configuration created personalized by the fitter, an experienced professional who will then ensure that the process does not fail since the clubs will be built by the same person who does the fitting.

In the case of choosing the best driver for your golf, the brands that are recommended by us at the level of drivers They are among others TaylorMade, Callaway, Titleist and Cobra, in the end the choice on the one hand is based on the tastes of the player and after the data that he gives us in the personal interview, so we know the failures and what his career is like

In woods I always like to recommend them in terms of forgiveness and the profile of the wood, which is why among my choices are Titleist, TaylorMade, Cobra, Callaway and Wilson, they are usually woods that allow us to organize a consistent and efficient set against off-center hits.

In the hybrids Depending on the level, the recommendation will be based on the spin and the trajectory that the player wants to have. Regarding the designs that the market currently has, the best hybrids on the market are TaylorMade, Callaway, PXG and Titleist.

As to Irons, all brands make brutally good and easy material, for us the best iron brands are Mizuno, Wilson, TaylorMade, Callaway and Cobra. Regarding the configurations that we make, we base ourselves on the level of the player, the experience, the handicap, the speed of the stick (to know if a head can be efficient or not)

As for the best brands of wedges in Golf We usually recommend wedges according to the player's tastes, always according to the player's level, since normally the classic design wedge for a high handicap player will always be more difficult to control and we will look for wedges with some cavity in order to facilitate the work of the player.

In these elections, everything will have a link regardless of the brand of heads, it will be the set up of the clubs and the type of sensations that the player will have.

How many golf clubs do I need if I am a beginner and which ones?

If you are starting out in golf, I will tell you first that if you are really testing and making sure that you like it and that you are going to continue, you do not need a large number of clubs, in this case what you will need will be a putter, sand wedge of 54º or 56º, a 9 and 7 iron, a wood and a driver. 

In the event that once you start playing and you like it, the first thing I recommend is that you don't go to a store and buy the first thing they recommend because that decision can slow down your learning and also buy material that Due to ignorance, it makes improving more difficult and slower. Let yourself be advised by specialist people who really have real knowledge. The first game does not have to be very expensive and if so, in the end it is your decision, but listen to me, select something that can really help you.

At Handmade Custom Clubs we create the golf clubs you need

At Handmade Custom Clubs we are truly specialists in golf, we build everything in a personalized way and with this we can make complete games adapted 100% to the budgets of each person and with personalized 100% attention, creating the custom golf club what do you need. If you want us to advise you online we can do it without problems and you can even ask for an online fitting advice so that we can make your desired clubs adapted to your tastes and your pocket.

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