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Is it important to have the right Driver in Golf regardless of the level?

If you are reading this blog, in which we are trying to make you aware that you should not buy a club in a store if it does not suit you, it is because you already know the answer YES. The importance of having a custom driver is crucial.

But it would be very easy to tell you this and conclude the section, but you are on my blog and I always like to explain and argue all the questions that may arise. With one end, that whenever you go to get a fitting with us or in other places, you do not feel cheated at any time. The high price, which is what usually scares you, is something that does not have to go hand in hand with the driver working for you. Many places, when they make you a custom driver, the first thing they do is charge you for the fitting time, that is logical, knowledge must be paid for, but you must also take into account that a fitter of the level like me invests a lot of money in fitting heads and shafts to help you as much as possible, in addition to technology. Knowledge is something that must also be valued, in my case 18 years of experience fitting and with many players on international and national circuits have passed through my hands. 

Making a driver to measure means many things that add to your result in the bag, since when it comes to doing it there are players who only look for distance, others precision with it and then the most difficult and fun for my distance and precision, Here you have to take out all the artillery and knowledge. But I am NOT going to tell you how we do it, you have to make an appointment and take the leap to another level. Talk to players who have worked with us and see what they will say. 

I'm only telling you one thing, there are times when they take a €800 shaft that doesn't fix anything, a €150-250 range shaft has a very high quality and gives brutal performance.

Driver Parts

Of course, the driver is a special club in the bag along with the putter and therefore we must make a different fitting with this club but totally consistent with the set of clubs, one of the big mistakes. And the driver will then give us great basic information about the type of wood and the shaft to place with the optimal set up for each player.


The shaft in one of our blog articles we talk more specifically about it and we open your eyes about it but to give you an idea, if you are a player who moves the driver at 78 mph club speed, it has a time Slow and your handicap is 18. It is not appropriate for you to play Rory Mcilroy's shaft (Fujikura Ventus Blue 6X, 65 grams, bent point Medium, Launch Medium and Spin Low) Since, as I mentioned in the article where I talk about the driver shafts It has more disadvantages than advantages.

club head

The head of the driver is the part that really has a design and marketing that makes brands change every cycle of a year or two years, since it is what the end user always wants to have at the latest in technology, but really the Because we buy one head or another, we must do it in addition to because we like it, because of the player's handicap level, practice time, trajectory and spin generated by each player.

If you are a 36 handicap player, it is not very logical for you to buy because it is cheap, for example, the Cobra LTDX LS model in 9th grade that is left in a store with a 7X shaft and 45.5” length when you are an 85 speed player mph and 1.65 meters, with irregular contacts with the ball, irregular ball flight as a consequence and shooting low.

Many times, people think that it will not help them when they get a custom-made golf club such as a high-handicap driver, and it turns out to be the opposite, they will learn sooner, the teacher will be able to teach the technique correctly and, moreover, they will get performance more easily, maintaining the Motivation to learn and practice. Otherwise we reach a level of enormous frustration and many times we stop practicing this sport that we have liked.


In our blog there is an article where I talk very specifically about the grip but I also want you to know that the fact that the grip is bigger or smaller than what the player can handle can be counterproductive since it leaves the forearms, hands and wrists a totally different level of mobility. With a clear result of loss of control and ball handling. Ultimately, it is the part that is in contact with the player's hands and where the final sensations of the feedback given by the driver arrive. 

An example that I think you will understand, if you get a driver with a regular shaft of 55 grams, length 45 "and a swing weight of D1 with a standard grip of .560 of 49.5 grams with a tape. And the club suits us well and we like it but in a class they recommend that to help you correct or retain your hands a bit at impact to have more control over the driver that you put on a midsize grip, the teacher is looking for a purpose but is not aware of what can happen to your driver and your feel, since the grip will weigh 53.5 grams, 4 grams more than the previous one and the swing weight will be reduced to a C9.5 or D0, making the ball flight lower and make the rod a little stiffer.

What aspects should we study when choosing the right driver for your Golf?

There are quite a few parameters that we must assess when building a suitable driver for each player. Because even if it's hard for you to believe, no two players are identical, so buying a driver in a store because you've tried your friend's and you liked it isn't the most intelligent reason. That is why we have to take many parameters into account. Among them the following: 

Driver's Loft

In it golf driver's loft We find a parameter that is almost as important as the design of the club, it is an elementary part in the configuration of the complete driver set up, since we must specify it since without this parameter the performance of the club will never be efficient.

Gravity center

The Center of Gravity is a parameter that helps Spin, so in slow swing players we should recommend a driver with a CG lower and far from the face and for players with high swing speeds drivers with a CG close to the face and more. tall.

Club Speed

The speed of the club directly affects the height of the ball and the total distance of the driver, but really, it is one more parameter that we must take into account when selecting the loft and the type of shaft (weight, flexibility, balance of the rod, torque and bending point).

So: How to choose the right Driver for your golf?

As you have been able to read in the articles in which we talk about the driver and in this same article, when choosing the driver, there are many parameters that we must assess how you have been able to read the grip, the shaft and the head. But in addition to all this we must add the set up of the club, that is, the loft, the lie, the swing weight, the length, the frequency, the bend point of the shaft, the balance point, etc. 

At Handmade Custom Clubs we will not get into the brand of head that you like at all, because although many of the good or bad driver heads are, be clear that all heads are magnificent designs but we will always see what the club is to your liking but the rest of the parameters will make your driver be at another level and at HCC we are specialists in High Performance Golf.

At HCC we help you create the best Driver for your Golf

When it comes to making a driver, think about every euro that you are going to invest, if you are going to buy a driver because you like it, and you have to have that dream and that it gives you a leap in quality, you only have to do one very simple thing. Get in touch with us by requesting an appointment and we will get the juice out of you at 100% so that you have the best driver in precision and total distance.

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