Do you want to know everything about the new Callaway drivers for 2024? Here we leave you a complete analysis so you can make the best decision for your golf.

How are Callaway Drivers different from other Drivers?

The current Callaway AI Smoke series is the first driver in the world that Callaway has designed and manufactured with Artificial Intelligence. This allows the club face to continue transmitting a high MOI when hitting off-center hits. According to Callaway, this technology has allowed the face to have micro sweet spots, which gives the club very high forgiveness.

This, together with the 360º carbon construction, allows the player to have a lighter head that makes it easier to place the perimeter weight so that it has a larger and more efficient sweet spot against off-center hits.

Unlike what other brands do, Callaway has made the different points of the driver face have a high MOI, resulting in minimal loss of distance. This contrasts with what has happened until now, where efficiency in the center of the driver face was high, but outside the center there was a considerable loss of performance.

Callaway Drivers news for 2024

Callaway has worked on the design of the new AI Smoke in many aspects, which I am going to detail:

  • First driver on the market designed with Artificial Intelligence.
  • Construction of the face in 360º carbon, making the head a lighter 15%.
  • Introduction of micro deflector technology on the face of the club, allowing it to be more efficient against missed hits off the center.

Callaway Drivers models for this 2024

Currently, Callaway offers two product lines: those launched the previous year and the new 2024 product (AI Smoke Drivers). The models are the following:

Callaway AI Smoke Max

For most players, from high handicap amateurs to Tour professionals, who want maximum distance and forgiveness with the ability to adjust shot shape. Forgiving shape and adjustable perimeter weighting provide up to 19 yards of shot shape correction. It has a Low Spin head and a medium-high ball flight, with lofts available in 9º, 10.5º and 12º.

Callaway AI Smoke Max D

For players who want to hit a draw for straighter drives off the tee. The Max D driver has a high MOI and a generously stretched profile at address. It generates a slightly higher launch than the Max model and has a medium spin.

Callaway AI Smoke Triple Diamond

For advanced players looking for more maneuverability off the tee. Shaped with a face progression from neutral to faded and a compact head size. It has a much lower ball flight than the Max version and extremely low spin.

Callaway AI Smoke Max Fast

For players who want an easy throw with lightweight, easy-to-wield performance. It has a high MOI, a generously stretched profile at address, a fixed hosel and rear weighting to optimize distance. It is a driver with low spin and high ball launch.

Player Reviews of Callaway Drivers

The players we have worked with during the year have had very pleasant impressions regarding the models they have used. They have noticed that ball speed on off-center hits is about 4-5 mph faster than with last year's driver, and that spin has been reduced by about 200 to 300 rpm (revolutions per minute) with the same shaft. , comparing the Callaway Paradym head and the Callaway AI Smoke. If you like drivers with Callaway stock shafts, they offer a wide variety from 40 grams to 70 grams, with hardnesses from Lady to extra stiff.

Is the Callaway Driver the best option for you?

If you like the design of the new Callaway, it is a safe choice, as it has improved a lot. The sound feels drier on impact, but with a fairly high loudness. It is a driver with a Callaway design, and according to what our players tell us, its appearance is very elegant and with a head in the stance (seen from above) with a shiny finish.

Buy Driver Callaway

If you want to buy the Callaway Driver with all the specifications adapted to your needs, you just have to click on the driver you want, customize it and you will get the club with the best guarantees.

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