Do you want to know the best brands of wedges in the golf market and which one to choose? In this article we tell you in detail. At Handmade Custom Clubs we are specialists in custom golf clubs.

Top 5 Wedge Brands for 2023

I love being able to see what the choice agencies think about the best wedges on the market, totally objective based on clear and agnostic tests.

A part that a direct touch we have to take into account the following parameters: 

  • Consistency
  • Spin degree
  • Greater precision 
  • in wet conditions 
  • Best in all conditions 

For this reason I am going to explain them to you from 1 to 5 from the highest value to the lowest value, but keep in mind that it is an objective comment, that since I do fitting I have no brand preference at all.


TaylorMade is a brand that is well known for having great woods and hybrids, but what many do not know is that their wedges are not very good because they are developed and are developed by PGA Tour and DP World Tour players, this makes the designs are always different and increasingly adapted to the conditions of all types of fields. For us the only handicap is that it has some limitations with the grinds. 

One of the main benefits that it has for specialists and for us are: 

  • It is one of the Most Wanted Wedges of 2022
  • It is the best considered when it comes to having precision and hitting with all kinds of effects.
  • Its design and feel are extremely attractive.

The cons What many professionals find and that we have when assembling is that the heads have more weight and that when we build them with rods over 110 grams, with a length of 35 ½” at 56º, the swingweight is above D5 Therefore, depending on which players feel heavy.


Whoever talks about the Titleist brand talks about golf, a very popular brand within the industry with a wedge designer and wedges that have great versatility and a large number of design options for the bounce and grind. Bob Vokey, with the design of his wedges, does not make very innovative changes to each model that the brand brings to the market, but he does maintain what was previously done and introduces the wedges and the combinations that can fill the part of the juice due to the terrain or the type of grass that helps the player to be more effective around the green.

Main benefits for specialists and for HCC are the following: 

  • Very high level of versatility: the large number of lofts, grinds and bounces make it highly adaptable to the type of game of each player.
  • Distance and Trajectory Control: The SM9 is designed with a forward center of gravity rising higher, creating a more controlled ball flight with solid touch and control.

The cons What we find is that as the level of information is very high, the vast majority of players find it difficult to understand the terms, but this means that when fitting Titleist wedges, it is necessary to explain and understand the particular situations of each player. For this, in addition to locating the appropriate set up for each player, we must make a recommendation according to the level of the player and the types of soils and grasses that he plays on the most frequent golf courses.


PXG is a brand that frequently appears, around the end of 2014 people began to talk about the brand and it is a brand that began only being available among the most important clubmakers and clubfitters in each country. In Spain, HCC had the honor of being the first account in Spain and in our case we have experienced all the changes and evolutions that the brand has undergone over the last 9 years.

The PXG wedges, specifically the Sugar Daddy model, is a model designed and manufactured by computer, starting from a solid block and milled with high-tech machines, which allow each wedge to be designed with the same weight and the same specifications of the mother series. . 

The Sugar Daddy are wedges that, in addition to being beautiful and elegant, have the following points as their main benefits: 

  • Versatility
  • Excellent workability of ball flight and spin
  • A high precision with impacts not totally centered.
  • It has a solid and excellent feel
  • Innovation capacity in brutal stability in lie and loft. 

The cons that we find in these wedges are for us: 

  • Difficulty finding points of sale and fitting.
  • The price, because compared to other wedges is somewhat higher.
  • Available in 2 colors (high price chrome and the even higher Black Diamond finish)


In addition to what was previously explained with Parsons Xtreme Golf, it must be said that it is a brand where not only material is sold at high prices, but also at more moderate prices and at the level of commercial brands and even lower prices.

Main benefits of the V3 Forged are: 

  • The wedge design is clean, forged from the same material that all 0311 irons are made from. They have full groove technology and a bit more weight in the toe. 
  • As the price of the wedge is more economical, it has a versatile sole to be able to perform a wide variety of shots from any type of grass. 
  • They are available in Chrome and Xtreme Black finish

Regarding the cons of the V3 wedges, in this case they are the same as what I mentioned with the Sugar Daddy wedges, difficulty fitting the wedges in specialized stores and being able to test them in demos organized by the brand in Spain.


When it comes to design, we must say that Jaws Raw wedges are the most aggressive on the market. Featuring the most aggressive grooves in golf, with a raw face that promotes maximum spin. For the first time, Callaway introduces tungsten technology in a wedge, for a balanced weight club that offers feel and control. These new technologies are balanced by the craftsmanship honed by Roger Cleveland over more than 40 years of designing some of the most coveted wedges in golf.

In reference to the main benefits of the Callaway wedges I will tell you that: 

  • They have a very soft touch that gives a lot of sensation.
  • They are available in many types of grinds and bounces.
  • The tungsten that Callaway has positioned for the first time, in the SW and LW they place the CG in the best control and feeling. 
  • The necks are of variable length, with the goal of having more control of the trajectory and improving forgiveness.

As for the cons so I think some players don't usually choose them are: 

  • The resistance of the material is low since the soft touch makes the metal suffer a lot.
  • They are priced similar to the other models on the market but with a groove resistance perhaps a little lower, therefore, if the player plays a lot in LW and SW, they should take into account that around 75 rounds the wedges lose efficiency. .

How to choose the best wedge from all the options out there?

The best way to determine which wedges, taking into account all the wedge types that there are, are the best for your game is to carry out a professional fitting like the one we can do in Handmade Custom Clubs, in our facilities in Golf Son Gual where you can define the type of wedge you like and be able to work with them outdoors in the different areas that we have in our practice area (rought, bunker, antegreen and other lies available) to be able to see the versatility of the wedge that you decide to put in your bag and have all the guarantees.

While few clubfitters offer it, given the variety of shots you'll need to hit with your wedges, ideally they'll fit you from a variety of lie conditions, including bunkers.

But if you are looking to autofit on the other hand, be sure to analyze your game to ensure there is adequate and consistent meter spacing from club to club. From there, understand his angle of attack, chop size, and typical playing conditions to make the proper selection for the bounce and lie that he typically sets up with in stance. Remember that if you play in soft conditions, high bounce wedges are useful. On the other hand, if you play in harsh conditions, look for a low bounce. While a medium bounce option is usually a safe play, mixing a variety of bounce options into your wedge set will give you the versatility to hit any shot the course throws up.

At HCC we help you create the wedge you need

As we usually tell you in our fitting center, we have many options for wedges, shafts of different weights and a privileged approach area in Mallorca that will allow you not to make mistakes when fitting. customize your wedgeIn addition to this, you will have the knowledge and know-how of Miki Rapado, our CEO and clubfitter, who works with many players in the LET and LPGA as well as boys from the Challenge Tour. 

We always make the recommendation objectively and listening to all your preferences. If this article opened your eyes a little and made you see that your game with wedges designed for you could improve much more, you know, you just have to make your appointment and we will make you the best wedge fitting, to select the best wedge for your golf, which can be done in Spain at this time.

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